Welcome to A Happier Self. This is my welcoming video where I explain why I created this site. In summary I created this site because I have been looking for happiness for a long time.

Everything was great in my life until suddenly I realized I did not enjoy my work anymore, and I started searching for new careers, new countries where to live, new relationships I did all  these changes many times over, and I still was not happy. In between all of this I got married and had children. After the children were born I did not look after my body any longer:

  • I did not eat properly;
  • I did not exercise
  • I was overworked
  • I did not take time to enjoy myself. It was all work outside the house and inside the house. If I went on holiday I took my work with me.
  • My thoughts became very negative in spite of me knowing I should be more positive.
  • My bank account diminished as I was now working in a new career.
  • I did meditate when I had the time but it was not a regular event.

I entered a vicious cycle, but my mind was closed to the idea of eating better. I was not eating junk food, but was not eating properly. I had no idea that the food I ate could affect my moods, my level of energy, and my happiness.

I have now realized that the my body is my temple and if I do not look after it I will not have the energy to be happy. I now realize how important water is, in the whole system. It is said out bodies is 97% water, but you must also realize our bodies are 100% energy, and like anything else we vibrate at a certain frequency. The healthier we eat the higher the frequency we will vibrate at. If we vibrate at a higher frequency we will attract things with an equal vibration rate. The higher the rate the better the things. Do you see how all is connected? We are all connected to everyone and everything.

I am starting a change in my life, starting with a diet, eating healthier  food. I will be sharing with you the steps I take and what works for me. This site is a work in progress so please bookmark it and come back often. I will be posting more and more information and will post my personal experiences under daily routine.

We came to this world to be happy, and I am not sure what happened since we were born till now, but we need to change this world one step at a time.

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