Beetroot Health Benefits: For Cancer and Heart Disease

I never knew beetroot had so many health benefits.   I only started eating beetroot few years ago, but have not tried it raw. That is in my list to do now. It is a real superfood.

Jeff tells us in this video that the beet beats the disease. He says if you cut the beet, it is so red inside which resembles the blood. , it is the best blood builder. Only for few molecules the beetroot is not an hemoglobin.
He adds that all the diseases begin in the blood. if we are sick all you need to do is to purify the blood. and the beetroot helps us do that.

Beetroot can cure cancer. Jeff tells us about a lady that had 30 days to live because of a tumor as big as a watermelon in her pancreas. Pancreatic cancer is the most lethal cancer, and very difficult to reverse. This lady could reverse the cancer in 30 days by eating 6 pounds of raw beetroot every day. That is a lot of beetroot.

The beetroot needs to be eaten raw or fermented since cooked becomes toxic.

Beetroot has:

  • lots of phytochemicals.
  • oxalic acids (also found in spinach) which is responsible for kidney stones.
  • betaine which fights homocysteine. Homocysteine is a chemical related to heart disease.

Beetroot is full of sugar, but diabetic peopel can still eat it.

Beetrot is very easy to grow. Ther are plenty of great beetroot recipes.



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