Black sesame seeds is very healthy food full of nutrients and minerals. It is  one of the only food that it can regrow a person’s hair from gray to black. I am sure more than one person will be happy to have black hair again. I certainly would be happy to get rid of my gray hairs. Human beings need minerals, but minerals that are organic, plant based minerals.

Black sesame seeds benefits are not to be discarded: Black sesame seeds has more calcium than any food. The only other food that has more calcium is the top of the turnip which does not taste nice. So if you want calcium, black sesame is the food to eat. Black sesame is a great jing tonic to boost the endocrine system. heart and for the skin. It is a good building block for muscle.
If you have too much iron in your blood you should not eat black sesame. You can still eat white sesame seeds.

You can make black sesame ice cream. I a dying to try this. I have never heard of this before.

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