This video is a collection of Good Inspirational quotes. Not much to say about it just if we lived life with these good quotes in mind life would be much more pleasant to us and everybody else.

These are the points I took from this video:

  • Live the present. It is important to live and enjoy life.  Most of us merely exist, but living and enjoying every minute without worrying about the past and the tomorrow is something not many of us do. If we just put all our efforts in the present enjoying what we are doing, even if it is cleaning your house, or cooking when we are tired, we would get much more out of life. Complaining and worrying does not work.
  • Do good and you will receive good. Just doing one small thing for other people every day, will make you feel happier. It does not have to be a big thing, just a compliment, or a thank you, or call to say I am thinking about you, or helping a stranger at the supermarket, or smiling to someone will make the world of difference.
  • Take action. Do not be paralyzed by fear of failure Just go and act. Imagine if a baby will not try walking because of fear of failure. Can you see that we are born with determination to succeed. Babies do not hesitate to do what they have to do  to get what they want. They will hold onto everything to get up and walk, they will explore everything and they will climb on anything to get what they want. So at what stage do we stop trying? We should never stop trying. It is in our nature and we should go back to it and not give up. Take action, fall, rise again, take action, fall rise again. One day you will not fall.

Please watch the video as there are good inspirational quotes. I hope you enjoy them.

Just the song of John Lennon raise my vibrations. It is a wonderful timeless song. This is personal taste but I still believe some of the most wonderful music was from the 0’s to 80s.


Please share with me which quote did you like most and what action are you planning to take.

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