Oysters are not part of the raw food diet, but from what I learned in this video they are good for you.One of the most interesting health benefits of oysters is that it is good for your sexual life. I have heard many times also that a great sexual life  is the secret to a happy life.

Oyster is the highest food in zinc. Zinc besides being an immune system booster is great for testosterone production. Men and women need testosterone. – Human sperm has 800 times more zinc than the blood.

Not many vegetables and fruits contain zinc, therefore  zinc is the number one deficient mineral in men and women. Pumpkin seeds are a great source of zinc,  but not as great as oysters. Five cups of pumpkin seed milk will have the equivalent amount of zinc found in a tiny oyster.

Our bodies needs zinc, for the immune system for hormone production and the endocrine system. If you find that your energy levels are low or your sex drive is low then you should eat oysters. It is said that Casanova, one of the famous lovers and womanizers, ate oysters every day. Oysters increases sperms. Sperms are the foundation in Chinese medicine.

It is better to eat the boiled oysters. Also from time to time you can eat raw oysters, but with all the pollution in the sea because of oil spillage, it is best to cook the oyster so the bacteria gets killed.

My parents were keen on eating oysters, just because it was considered a delicacy. I tried raw oysters for the first time in my life the other day and I can certainly say that I did not enjoy them.  I have not tried boiled oysters and not sure I will .

If you are really not ready to eat oysters then you might want to drink pumpkin seed milk to get your zinc intake.

Share below, do you like oysters? Now that you know the benefits of them, are you willing to eat oysters?

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