How to improve health: 5 easy ways to a better health

In this video a doctor gives us five tips to keep you body happy and healthy.

  1. Vitamin D: Vitamin D is not only related to sunshine. We need Vitamin D for our brains, our heart, and bones. The sad thing is that only 50% of people have levels of vitamin D that are measurable. Vitamin D does not occur naturally and we need to take supplements to get it in. This is what the video says, but I will suggest you also read Dr Mcdougall books on diet. 
  2. Cod liver oil: This liver oil was very common years ago but nowadays not many people drink it. It has lots of vitamin D, omega 3 and vitamin A. Omega 3 affects our cell memories, heart, lower heart diseases and improve brain function.
  3. Fiber: Nowadays we do not eat much fiber and yet it is so important. Fiber lowers our insulin levels, lowers blood pressure, it is good for inflammations, to prevent diabetes, to lower cholesterol and for heart diseases. If you are not getting it in your diet then break it down and eat a spoon of different products available for fiber. If you eat a spoon of fiber before a meal, it will lower the sugar levels and you will feel full so you will not eat much. Having said that I a currently following Dr Mcdoughall Starch Solution diet, which is a starach based iet full of fibre, and whole food plants. 
  4. Calcium: In average we  get 600mg a day of calcium when we really need 1200mg a day. We need calcium not only for the bones, but for the blood vessels. Calcium lowers blood pressure. We also need Vitamin D to get the calcium absorbed. So take a supplement with vitamin D and calcium, or eat lots of cucumber and spinach.
  5. Throw out your scale: We obsess ourselves with weighing but what is important is measuring ourselves. Exercise:  do lots of walking and measure yourself. Make a goal of losing two inches.

I hope you found these tips helpful. The most important thing to remember for a happy life is that we are mind, body and soul all in one and that the body is our temple. We need to respect it and look after it. We respect it by eating healthy food and exercising regularly.

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  1. jessica says:

    awesome! thanks!

  2. […] Fruits and Veggies: By ingesting a few vegetables and different fruits everyday, you can see dramatic changes in your health. Just how much fruit do you eat? Eating fruit on a regular basis contributes to our overall health because of the vitamin content within them. It is also low in calories and full of fiber. Fruit makes an excellent snack food throughout any day. Your snack time should migrate from unhealthy food to healthy choices like eating a banana or an apricot. By doing this, you will not only have more vitamins in your diet, but you will maintain a healthy weight. For further information on healthy life-style, you can also take a look on Stay Healthy. […]

    • Andrea says:

      Thanks for your comments. Besides when we do get into fruit, you will realize that fruit is actually delicious. You can have it in different formats, fruit as on its own, t salad, smoothies, juice.. Thank you.

  3. Ahappierself says:

    Thank you . I am glad you enjoyed it.

  4. […] Balancing Nutrients: There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing nutrients to improve your health; whenever possible you would be wise to use the natural ones. When eating your key daily meal, integrate a vegetable. You’ll be increasing your vitamin and mineral intake and reducing the need to take vitamin pills. When you add some vegetables to your lifestyle, you will not only see healthy changes in your body mass; but will be helping your pocket book by buying fewer nutritional supplements. This may be very helpful if you already were considering weight loss. For further idea on healthy life-style, you can probably also look into Stay Healthy. […]

  5. gabriela1 says:

    Good luck ,Great post,y love you!    

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  7. gabriela1 says:

    Good luck ,Great post,y love you!Thanks for the info it had cleared out too many things in my mind. Your recommendations are really good.

  8. aubreywest808 says:

    Thanks for the great advices! It is indeed very important to practice healthy eating habits and to choose <a healthy foods to eat.


  9. aubreywest808 says:

    Thanks for the great advices! It is indeed very important to practice healthy eating habits and to choose healthy foods to eat.


  10. advia says:

    USANA says the source of all degenerative diseases find its source from the lack of Vitamin D. But there’s more to eating healthy food when it comes to health. Ever heard of a health retreat? Learn more about it through

  11. cotillon says:

    greats guide

  12. Growth says:

    Fiber, that is something someone on low calorie diets often neglect, good looking out!

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