Tapping for Financial SuccessTapping is a technique also known as Emotional Freedom Technique which allows you to release blockages and overcome situations by tapping on some acupuncture points. You can read more about tapping here.

In this post I wanted to share that I joined the tapping for Financial success course with Nick Ortner the creator of the Tapping Solution. We are currently in week 3, and I just want to share my experience.

This is not a quick fix to your money problems. Most times the lack of money is rooted in your past experiences, even when you were small. The way your parents talked about money, their arguments about money and  money struggles can deeply affect your ability to make money. The good news is that you can change all of that. The bad news is that it takes work.

I must admit when you tap, about money other issues will come up.  You can come up with relationship issues, self worth issues, what other people told you and what you believe about yourself. Sometimes you will feel so bad like you would not wnat to tap. It happened to me this week. I felt like no tapping even though my moods were low.

For me is a case that my parents did not think money grew on trees, coupled with the fact that I was not really interested in money when I was younger. I even remembered saying money is not important. On addition to that my self esteem is low and also in many situations I felt used. Since my self esteem being low I always offered financial help when I met people, because I thought that is teh only thing I could offer to my friends.

With this program Nick is over delivering. We have a weekly webinar with a specific topic related to money, and then we get a weekly meditation by Jessica Ortner, that we need to use daily. Then we have a question and answer session which most times Nick will extend it pass the hour. During this Q&A session he will tap for the specific issue you may be having. On top of that he will still record another session answering all the unanswered questions. On top of this we get sometimes bonus sessions.  I almost forgot the people that participate in course are wonderful and supportive. We have a facebook page and a forum and we all share what we are going through and support each other. Just the community alone is worth gold.

I love it, but I must be honest I sometimes do not feel like tapping. I am good at following their tapping, but I feel I should tap on other issues. Having said that after I started tapping on week two, a door opened for me that will allow an extra income, and even though it was not what I wanted I took it, and hopefully will open new doors.

The point of this short article is to tell you about tapping, and this wonderful program. I believe you can still get the 7 weeks for financial success , but if not just look for some youtube videos on tapping and start tapping along. I will probably do a video soon on how to tap, and let you know.

Also I wanted to tell you that yes you can attract abundance into your life, but it will not happen just by doing what you are currently doing If you want to see some changes you need to take some action.  Action can be start tapping, or applying the law of attraction, or simply studying other people that generated income. As Dani Johnson says your income is directly proportional to your personal development.


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