19 Points to a Happier Self: Inspirational Video

This video contains 19 points that if practiced will set your path to a happier self.

  1. Set a goal for yourself: Set just one goal and the steps to achieve it, and do something every day to get you closer to the goal. This could help you become financially independent
  2. Smile as often as you can: By smiling you release endorphins which are the nature antidepressant and happiness hormones. Smiling also will draw people to you, it will make them feel better and as a consequence you will feel better.
  3. Share your happiness: By sharing happiness you make someone smile.
  4. Be ready to help ‘”people”: It has been proven that humans get more pleasure form helping others than from helping themselves. When you put the focus on others, and help them you are helping yourself.
  5. Be childish. We all have a child inside of us. Children are innocent and happy; they laugh and cherish every moment. They live in the present. If we were childish we would be happier.
  6. Learn to live in harmony
  7. Keep your humour: Humour is important, Do not take yourself seriously. When presented with a challenge or a problem, ask yourself “Will this matter 5 years from now”. If not then take it with humour. Laugh about yourself.
  8. Do not be afraid under difficult situations. Feel the fear and do it anyway.
  9. Forgive. Not forgiving someone can create resentment. Resentment can make you sick and kill you. Do not carry resentment. By forgiving you are creating harmony and peace. We all do mistakes and we all need to forgive and be forgiven.
  10. Cherish Real Friendship: Friendship is priceless. We sometimes get too busy in life to keep our friendships, but we need to make the time to keep them. Friends care for each other and cherish good and bad moments.
  11. Be co-operative and enjoy team work
  12. Do not ignore your loved one
  13. Be confident: By believing in yoruself and  being confident your whole outlook in life changes. You believe you can do what you want to do. You are more productive. You smile more. When you smile more you attract nice people towards you, which in turns help you becoming more confident. You can have more fun. You will be ready to try new thing, you can feel the fear and do it anyway. Your life will change by being more confident.
  14. Respect the weak
  15. Spoil yourself occasionally: We need to spoil ourselves at least weekly if not daily. It does not need to be something that you need to buy, but it can be talking a walk, having coffee with a friend, listening to music, sleeping more, having a relaxing bath. You need to look after yourself. When you look after yourself you are better prepared to look after others, same as the oxygen mask in a plane.
  16. Be brave and try new things: Trying new things is widening your horizons. So many people stick to what they know for years. Trying new things help you discover yourself, finding out who you are, and growing emotionally.
  17. Do not take money too seriously: Money is important but it is just energy. Do not make money your god, and do not worry about it. You can create the money you want. It is just energy.
  18. True love is not something that comes everyday.
  19. Follow your heart, it knows the right answer. You have al the answers within you. You just need to access them.

I think these 19 points are quite accurate. Follow them and your life will change. Life is meant to be fun and we are meant to get anything we want in life. Watching at the images in this video, most of them had animals. Nature is so clever,, humans and animals have more in common than we think.

I will be working on smiling this week. Please share with me which points are you committed to work on this week.



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