2014 EFT World Summit Update – Day 1 and Day 2

2014 EFT World SummitI just wanted to give you an update on the 2014 EFT World Summit. If you have not read my previous post the Summit started on the 24th of February and until now I have listened to day 1 and day 2. 

Such powerful days !

If you have missed them, I am sorrry, but do not miss the rest of the sessions.  They are free. 

Day one was all about Guilt, shame and forgiveness. 

Cheryl Richardson talked about guilt and shame. We always tend to feel guilty about things that we did or did not do and we feel the need to punish ourselves. 

It is important to remind ourselves that we have come to this world to have experiecens. Cheryl said something very wise :

"The older I get the more I look back on experiences that made me feel gulty. but I realize teh experineces were important for my growth."

Clever words, If you really take the time to remind yourself of this every day, life would be so much easier. We woudl stop feeding guilt and would take action. 

To For give or not For give 

During the second session, on day 1, Iyanla Vanzant talked to us about the power of forgiveness. And it never crossed my midn about what "To forgive " means. If you look at the word forgive, is "for" and "give". 

Iyanla tells us that the more you give, the more you get. Very powerful words. 

To forgive others is also to forgive yourself. She reminds us that we are all one, there is only one mind, one spirit , one life. 

When you forgive, you forget, you clear the energy within you. Forgive yoru beliefs, your judgements, your wrong doings, or not doings 

She stresses that until we do not forgive ourselves, we cannot forgive others. 

Iyanla also tellsl us the  powerful story of her own life and how she learnned to forgive. 

She now has a book on forgiveness, which is worth checking it out. 

This session was too powerful and full of life changing thoughts, and aha moments. 


Day 2- Pain and Healing your Body

Day 2 was another powerful day on getting rid of pain and healing your body. 

As Iyanla Vanzant said, we are all one, one, mind, one body and one spirit. But also our body and mind are totally connected and intertwined. Tapping can help with pain or illnesses because in most cases the pain or illness has been caused by an emotional issue.

Julie Schiffman tells us of several of her patient cases, where the physical illness was caused by emotional issues. The patients were not aware of the emotional- phyical connection, but once the connection was recognized, they were able to overcome the illness. 

She recommends that whenever you have an illness, you still consult with a medical doctor She says use tapping in combination with a medical treatment. 

Nick Ortner and Julie Schiffman tapped along, and although the issue they tapped  on did not concern me, I applied it to other health issues, I am experiecning.  

In conclusion, both days were very powerful, and I would recomend that if you have not registered yet, register for the remainder of the tapping summit. 

Register for the 2014 Tapping World Summit

I feel so empowered now, that they reminded that I can heal my emotions iwth tapping that I will be strating to tap daily again ( I do get distracted and forget to tap, for months at a time). 


Have you followed the Summit? What did you think? Please comment below. 








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