7 Benefits of Setting Goals

Benefits of Setting goalsYou are probably hearing lots about setting goals for the New year, the so called New Year resolutions, that always end up in early January. 

It has been demonstrated that  people that set goals end up more successful.  So if you have never set up goals, or you gave up before you accomplish them, it is time to set them one more time. 

Remember every successful person failed numerous times before he succeeded. Thomas Edison failed more than 1000 times before e succeeded to create the light bulb. Abraham Lincoln failed several times before he was elected president of the United States. So why do you give up after one try?

Setting goals gives you a clear vision of what you want to achieve. You would not get in your car and start driving with no direction, would you?


  1. Goals are the GPS of your life 

    Imagine you get in your car, and do not have an end address for your GPS. Your GPS, if you have one, will give you anything it wants, or will just give you a blank screen. No where to go. You will then probably drive and drive with no direction. 

    On the other hand, if you enter a preselected address where you want to go, your GPS will draw you a map and routes you can take to achieve your destination.  

    The goals are like your GPS in your life. Have a end goal in mind and you can easily draw a plan to achieve it. You may have different routes, and you may get lost in between, but in time you will reach and be where you want to be. 

    Without goals you will end up at the mercy of chance. 

  2. A great goal propels you forward.  

    When you have a set goal, you keep moving forward. Setbacks will happen, challenges will arise, but as long as you have your eyes on your goal you will keep moving forward. 

    A clear goal gives you a clear list of action to take to achieve it. Once you have that, you know what to do every day to achieve it.  

    If you did not have a goal, you would not know what to do, you would not know what to prioritize, and your time will be stolen by smaller unimportant issues. 

  3. Goals give you focus 

    Have you ever seen what focus can do for you? Goals give you the focus to spend your time wisely to achieve your goals. If you had no goals, you could get up in the morning and just spend your time doing whatever. Goals help you to plan your time wisely so that you can take action to achieve your goals. 

  4. Goals give you a sense of  peace 

    When you get into a car in an unknown city with verbal instructions on where to go, you are nervous and not too sure. On the other hand, if you have a map, or a GPS where you can clearly see where to go, then you experience a sense of clarity and peace. The same applies to your goals. Set  goals and you will feel calmer, because you know where you are going. 

  5. Goals Make you accountable.  

    When you set goals you, and only you, are accountable for them. If you do not get up in the mornings and do what you need to do to achieve the goals, you have no one to blame but yourself. No other person can do things for you. You are accountable for your goals.  

    When you are accountable , you can revisit your\ goals, and what you have achieved, and make corrections to get back on track.  

  6. Practice Self Discipline 

    Goals help you to practice self discipline. You have a list of activities you need to do to achieve your goal. You need to do them according to plan, otherwise you will not get your goal in time. If you do not have self discipline, you will have it by the time you achieve your goals.

  7. Increase your self esteem 

    When you set goals and you achieve them,  you believe you can do more. Each time you achieve a goal, no matter how small or big, your confidence increases, because you can trust yourself. 

    When your confidence increases you go for bigger goals. The more goals you set, the bigger your confidence. Try it. Start with the smallest goal and do not stop till you achieve everything you want to do.     


Did I convince you by now to set goals fr this coming New Year. I really hope so. Set a couple of hours aside and set your goal before the new year starts. 


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