7 Ways to Make Someone Smile

Being happy is not always about great things happening to you. Sometimes we become happy when we make other people happier, by giving. By giving, I do not mean just giving physical items, but you can give your time, support or a smile.

Try it out. If you are not feeling on top of the world, you think your day is just another day then try to make other people happier and soon you will notice how your spirits are up. Just by making other people smile, you will experience a sense of happiness in you. At the same time you will make a difference in someone else’s life. 

Below are 7 ways of putting a smile on someone else’s face. They are basically free, and do not take much extra time. Choose one and get going, or choose more than one, You can make at least 7 people happy. And a little secret, smiles are contagious, so by making other people smile, it ma have ripple effect. You never know! 

1. Write an encouraging note to others. Write a note to someone that needs encouragement or that they may have encouraged you. It does not need to be a thank you note, just a short encouragement note. I have started putting notes in my children lunchboxes. Even though some of my notes are discarded, I know in the long run it will make a difference. But you do not need to do it with children, do it with anyone who needs encouragement. 

2. Make a point of getting to talk to someone that you have not talked before or take a friend out to lunch or invite her to your home for a meal.  You will get to know each other even better than you do right now, and you will put a smile on her face. 

3. Give someone an inspirational book to read. You will feel good doing it, reading the book will change the person, and they will think of you every time they read it.

4. Offer babysitting some of your friends children. It is a nice gesture, and if you have your own children, you realize the immense value of a babysitter. We all need sometime for ourselves. Do not wait for someone to ask you, offer your services so the parents can do something fun and different.

5. Deliver a meal to someone you know that is sick or having a rough time. Put yourselves in their shoes. If you were sick and with no other help, you would certainly love someone offering a hand. So when you cook for yourself, cook for an extra person and deliver the food to them. You will be making a huge difference.

6. Volunteer by giving your time or your support to others, by offering your time to a charitable organization, church, or helping the elderly. There are lots of lonely people around. If you just dedicate one hour a week to read to them, or assist them in some way, you will put a smile in their face, and in yours.

7. Thank everyone that comes your way during the day. We sometimes take most people for granted, and we do not thank them for what they do for us. Start thanking them for each and everything they do for you. Include your family, friends, colleagues, or even the shop attendants. By practicing gratitude you will make them feel important and put a smile on their face.

So, here you have it, 7 different ways of putting a smile on someone face. But you need not to forget the most important one. Smile to everyone and you will get many smiles back.

Enjoy your day!

And share your experience making others smile. Please comment, I would love to hear from you. 


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