How to be happyHello, Welcome to AHappierSelf.com. My name is Andrea and I have always loved self development since I was a teenager.
I remember reading Lots of books, Leo Buscaglia, Dale Carnegie, Anthony Robbins before he was well known and many more.

I also remember my first introduction to the power of the mind and law of attraction. About 25 years ago my friend took me to a course where they taught us the Silva mind control method. Was I fascinated and excited? Everybody had to sit and listen me for years. I also was going to meditation and healing classes. I learned to use pyramids to visualize what I wanted to get out of life. I was fascinated. I was young and although I was working, I had all the time in the world to sit and apply these techniques.

So here I went the first time I got results from the law of attraction was 25 years ago. I was actually bored with life and saw an advert for a job in South Africa. I am originally from Argentina. So that day I knew this job was for me. To make the story short I applied the law of attraction and got the job. I lived in South Africa for many years and also worked and lived in other countries.

But life got on my way and I worked hard and did not have the time or did not manage myself well to apply these techniques any longer. With time I was unhappy, and needed to change countries to make myself happy. I always thought that starting a new adventure in a new country will make me happy, but not really. Life was still the same, same stresses or more.

I also changed career and became a life coach, and although I know lots about the power of the brain, and visualization, meditation, and the positive thinking, and I love motivating others and helping others, I battle to apply it to my own life.

So I decided to create AHappierSelf.com to find out more and incorporate this in my daily routine the same way I shower every day. I really believe that happiness is in our minds but since we are mind, body and spirit and we need to make sure we follow healthy diet, and healthy exercise, we sleep well, we have a healthy mind which we can be achieved utilizing our mind power, and that we also apply the universal laws that are available to us to get what we want in life.

My goal for this site is to research the power of the mind, and start applying what I learn, so that I can feel happier, healthier and with more energy Sometimes we learn too much and never apply what we learn. I will try to create a routine as I go along of things that make my life better and happier. I do not expect it to be easy, but well I am sure it will be well worth it.

To a Happy you and me!

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