Attitude is Everything: Are Some of Us Really Lucky?

You probably heard the saying attitude is everything. This is so right. Pessimistic people always see the glass empty, and the grass greener somewhere else. Optimistic people on the other hand see everything as an opportunity. If something did not work out correctly then they see it as an opportunity to do it better.

If you happen to lose your job, and you are pessimistic you would probably think you had bad luck and the world is there to get you. On the other hand if you were optimistic you would l see it as an opportunity to better things.

Remember when we say that attitude is everything, because when we think of something as not being good, we are thinking negatively. When we think negatively our vibrations are negative, and according to the law of attraction we will attract more negative things.

Have you ever seen when everything goes wrong in your day? We say I got up with the wrong foot. Well that is what it literally means. We got up on a bad mood and we are attracting bad things unless we change our attitudes.

So if you are in a pessimistic mood, the bad news is that you will keep attracting bad things. The good news is that you can change your attitude in an instant and your day will completely change. Try it, next time you are in a bad mood, or in pessimistic mood, do the following:

  • Take 3 deep breaths
  • close your eyes whilst you smile and visualize yourself surrounded by a white light
  • Focus on one good thing that you have, it can be your family, children, education, physical body, good eyesight, the place you live at or anything you can find.
  • See a full glass in front of yourself, or visualize a positive outcome
  • Open your eyes and look at the opportunities that this challenge presents you

It really works. Everything will look different. Remember we were all born precious, and we are all special. Attitude will determine the outcome of your life. Why not give it the best shot.

Here are some inspiring quotes on attitude.

I would like you to share with me a day in which your positive attitude changed your day.

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