Be grateful- A must do for your daily routine

One of the quickest way to change your mood from sad to happy is to be grateful. We normally live our lives and we really forget to be grateful for the things we have, specially the small things. We need to thank the universe for every thing we have.

Just thank the universe for the sunrise, or the sunset, the rain, the warm shower you where able to have, the lovely meal, the minute of silence or the laughter of children. By being grateful we raise our vibrations and by raising our vibrations we will attract things that are in tune with our higher vibration.

We also need to be thankful for things we want and still do not have, be thankful for them as you already have them. You may say how you can be grateful for something that you do not have yet.

The thing is that everything you want is available to you now. It is already waiting for you. This is how the law of attraction and all other law work. You just need to align your vibrations with the vibrations of the things you want. By being thankful for the things you want, you are raising your vibrations and things will manifest sooner.Gratitude creates abundance.

So, I suggest you incorporate gratitude in your daily routine. Get a nice notebook, a pretty one, and you leave it next to your bed ready with a nice pen. Before going to bed every night write 5 things you are grateful for.

You may say that you are not grateful for anything and you do not have anything to be grateful for. It is okay to find it hard to be grateful for things at the beginning. Just find small things, a good night sleep, a good bed, the sun coming through your window, or the sound of the rain outside , be grateful for being healthy or having eyes to read this. It is really important that you find 5 things every day to be grateful for.

And you may have to fake it at the beginning. You may not feel the gratitude in your heart, but with time you will start feeling it.

You can also go back to your gratitude journal when you are feeling down. Go back and read what you are grateful for. It will immediately raise your vibration. If not just watch this video every day and you will soon find things to be grateful for.

Here is a prayer of gratitude for you. Do not forget to give grace before each meal, even if you are not religious we are thanking teh universe for it.

Make sure you post some of the the things you are grateful for in the comments section.

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