Brain Training Exercise: Improve Concentration

This video teaches you one of the most powerful exercises to  improve your concentration to such levels that can change your life. Once you reach a higher concentration level, you can apply this power of focus to anything you want to achieve in life. You will be able to set goals and focus on achieving them

This is one simple exercise that T. Lavon Lawrence shares with us. It might take some time of your day, but can change your life since the exercise will totally boost your concentration ability.

Exercise to Boost your Concentration Levels

  • You need a stop watch or a timer, and a piece of paper to write notes.
  • Reserve a time and place where you can focus without being distracted by others.
  • Take one deep breath and concentrate in the task at hands. The most important thing in the world during this  exercise is the exercise itself.
  • Form a simple image in your mind of a shape, circle, triangle, rectangle. Your task is to keep the image in your mind, without fading, or discolouring or without any other thoughts interrupting you. If you get interrupted or the image fades, then write how long did you do it for, and try again.

Instead of holding an image you can hold a feeling, a feeling of your tongue touching the top of your mouth. I  have also read in his website that you can sit and keep your sight on a spot on the wall just above your eyesight level. I think this might be easier. I tried to hold an image in my mind, and tried to hold a feeling of a hot water bottle on my lap. I did not last more than 10 seconds at a time. But if course this was my first trial, and i am planning to try it for 30 days. Although I do not have personal proof, I strongly believe that this may help me to improve my concentration levels and my attainment of gaols in life, together with a healthy diet.

For more effective results try it twice a day for 30 days. Remember any distraction, even a thought and you need to start again.

Imagine once you mastered this exercise then you can manifest anything you want for 68 seconds and you will be able to manifest it.

This is part of the Neuro-sculpting program for brain fitness. Neuro-sculpting is a system designed to reconnect the structure of your brain cells, so that the brain is more powerful and efficient.

I would like to encourage you to try it for 7 days minimum and share your results here. I will be sharing mine also.

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