Cancer Survivor – Incredible Story of a 77 year old lady

Picture this: You go to the doctor for a regular check up, thinking that is just a routine control. You think it will be a 15 minutes consultation. Then the doctor says: “bad news”. Your heart stops, because you probably by this time you have associated that bad news means a mortal disease.

Or perhaps it did not happen directly to you, but to a loved one. You were at home, and the phone rang, and someone told you “I got cancer”. The whole world seems to stop for a while. Being diagnosed with cancer is a death sentence. You might be positive at the beginning saying I will be a cancer survivor but as you start traditional treatment you start losing hope.

I personally know it. When my younger sister was pregnant with her second child, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The baby was born and then the traditional medical treatments started. But when I went to visit her, everyone except her was sure her days were counted. This was in 1999 and there was not much information on the internet. All I could find was a treatment with shark cartilage.

My sister continued with her normal diet. Doctors told her she needed to eat more vegetables, spinach, asparagus, and grass fed chicken. But no one told her that the diet had to be natural, no fats, and no diary.  If only I could have known, her destiny could have been different.  I also had friends who also decided to go with traditional treatment and they have lost their battle.

Through the years I have seen many people in my family suffer from cancer, still to this day. I am now trying to tell them that diet can have a positive effect in their health. Even recently my mom had heart surgery because her aorta was calcified. No matter how much I talk, everyone still ends up having the traditional medical treatment. Both my parents replied with “medicine has come a long way, there are new treatments and they are instant”.  But why do we need to look for new treatments when the old ones really work. Diet can change your life, your health, moods and even happiness.  And diet contrary to what most people think is instant. As soon as you start eating right, your body starts healing. Of course it will take some time to heal completely, but you did not get sick in a day. The illnesses we see all around are the consequences of bad habits over the years.  Let me add that my mom recovery was not instant. Yes the operation may have been instant, and perhaps in her case she needed the operation, but she spend weeks where she was not herself. I am sure the anaesthesia and medication affected her. For three weeks she could not sleep.

Getting back to cancer, chemotherapy is not instant, and it kills your good cells also. So your immune system suffers.

Raw FoodI feel very strongly about this. When I suggest to people they need to change their diet they tell me they do not believe in that. Yet they believe the doctor is going to cure them, when it is proven that very few people get cured. Recently the gynaecologist that assisted me in the birth of my children passed away from lung cancer He was a doctor, and he could not save his life.

Natural treatments do not take long. First of all that natural treatment means that is a treatment for life. It is not a treatment it is a lifestyle change. There are many people that have been cured from different ailments by changing their diet. Some examples are Ruth Heidrich, Kris Carr, Jay Kordich and many more.

But I want to focus now on Dr Ruth Heidrich who is a cancer survivor.  I came across her just the other day by an email I received. Then I googled her and found her books in Amazon. She has successfully written “A race for Life” and “Senior Fitness”.  Ruth is today over 77 years old and she holds a doctorate in health management and is a certified fitness trainer. She is an 8th time senior Olympics gold medallist, a 6th time ironman triathlon finisher, and the holder of 3 age group world records for fitness at the renowned Cooper clinic in Dallas. She has won more than 900 trophies and medals since her diagnosis of breast cancer in 1982.

Cancer Survivor: How did she do it?

That is a huge achievement for a person that if she had followed traditional medicine she would probably not be alive today. The above video is a long video but it is worth watching it. She tells us of her story. She started running about 14 years before she was diagnosed with Breast cancer, and after the breast cancer she was lucky to come across Dr John McDougall that talked to her about her diet and how being vegan is the best diet.

For Ruth the changes were immediate. She did not get cured overnight, but the next day she could evacuate when before she was constipated. . Her arthritis disappeared and her cholesterol went down in 21 days.

She does not talk only about diet but exercise.  Specifically, she says that running is better than walking. It is believed that running will be bad because of the impact on your bones, but she says it is actually good. The impact causes shock to the bones building cells. The impact stimulates the cells and the bones get stronger.

Senior FitnessIn her book Senior Fitness Ruth says that if you do not use your body you will lose it.  As you age you will lose muscle bone if you do not use it. Exercise makes you fit, slender, and provides more energy, makes you more alert, vibrant and makes you feel alive.
Ruth really promotes doing daily exercise. She believes she recovered from her cancer quickly because she continue running through it. She promoted the exercise and running so much, that after I bought her book and read it in a couple of hours; I decided to start running again. I used to run when young a couple of times a week. But since this week I am officially running every morning. I started slowly, but I am building up.  I have been also following my vegan diet, I would say about 50% raw, with no real cravings at all. I do crave potatoes.

So I am on my way to lose weight that I really need to lose, and also to become fit.

This article was long, but if you have a chance watch the video and also get her book. Diet and exercise can bring you that happiness that we all look for. A couple of years ago I did not believe this, but today I am convinced because I experienced it.

I encourage to do any change that will improve your holistic health, and please share it below. Have you changed your diet, or increased your exercise, stopped smoking, or any other change?






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