Do Not Quit Poem – Success May Be Around the Corner

This is the inspirational Do not quit poem. When things are hard and nothing seems to go our way it is too easy to quit. But if we really want something and we have that burning desire to be successful at it we should not quit. Success can be around the corner.

I believe life, God or the Higher Power tests us. We want something but we are not prepared to go all the way for it. There is nothing wrong with failing. Failing is not a failure. It is actually an experience, a learning curve. When at school we did our homework all correctly we never learned anything. I can tell you by experience. I was an excellent student, I always had good grades at school, learned it, wrote the test and passed. If you now asked me what I learned I do not know. It was not difficult to learn it and so in the end I learned nothing.

But if we struggle through something, and it is hard to get what we want, then we will value it more. We would have learned and experienced more things. So failure is not a bad thing. A baby when learning to walk would  fall and get up 100’s of time until he learns to walk. He never think of giving up. So why when we grow up and have the slightest obstacle we just think of giving up.

Never ever let someone tell you you cannot do what you want, and never give up on your dreams. It may take time, longer than what you thought of but there is a reason and a perfect timing for everything.

I hope you enjoyed the Do not quit Poem. I would like to hear your comments about experiences you had.

Remember Thomas Edisson failed many times before inventing the light globe.

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