Dr Daniel Amen – Change your Brain Change your Life

Update April 2015: UNfortunately the video is no longer available, BUt It is very interesting.

If you are a woman and have children and thought that your brain was left on the delivery table, you might be right. If you ever had general anesthesia has affected your brain.  But you do not have to worry, if you have not looked after your brain properly you can still reverse it.

Dr Daniel Amen does scan of the brain, and he can tell when a brain is healthy or not. Your brain is involved in everything we do and we do not pay much attention to it. we exercise our body, but we forget about the brain.

Your brain can determine how you think, how you feel, how you act, and how well you get along with others, the kind of person you are.  the kind of mother you are,   consistent, loving, predictable or moody, irritable.  When your brain works right you work right and if it does not work right it is very difficult to work right. When your brain works right you can be happy.

Watch the video because he shows images of healthy brains and unhealthy brains. Drugs and medicine can affect your brain, the type of job you do can affect your brain, and of course the type of food you eat affects your brain.

The brain is the most complex organ in the universe. The brain is the major energy user of our body, your brain is only 2 to 3 % your body’s weight, but uses 20 to 30% of your calories that you consume.  Dr Amen says we gain weight as we age, because we stop using our brains. So if you wnat to lose 10 pounds learn something new.

Dr Daniel Amen: Is Playing Sports safe for your Brain?

Your brain is very complicated and very soft, like soft butter, so we need to protect it as any injury may affect your brain functioning.  He says your brain is not meant to play soccer ball with your brain, play football or rugby, or ride motorcycle or snowboard without a helmet.  Dr Amen goes to say that the safest sport is table tennis, not only safe, but also the coordination you need to play it is beneficial for your brain.

It is so important to know all of this. I know my son loves to play soccer and rugby. I now need to convince him that perhaps those are not the safest sports, or that he should not play with his head.

Change your Brain Change your Life: Are you Sleeping enough?

Dr Daniel Amen says in his book Change your brain change your life, that sleeping enough hours is incredibly important for your brain functioning.  Sleeping, is  crucial for the health of your brain, and the recovery of it.

Thinking about my last years I can see where I went wrong. I have been in a bad space, but also I forced myself to sleep few hours and mostly interrupted sleep because I needed to do “work”.  I can see how I became moody with my family, many times overreacted to situations and of course I was labeled like crazy. So perhaps I was crazy.

I was not eating healthy either. I did not eat completely unhealthy but I was not feeding my brain with lots of fruit and vegetables. which I am now doing. This resulted in lack of concentration, moodiness, and really felt like I was not making progress in my life. I obviously had not had a  brain scan, but I am joining the Amen Solution at Home to see how can I get my brain healthier so I can finally make progress in my life.

I really urge you to read the book Change your brain change your life,  if you prefer you can watch more videos from Dr Amen in YouTube. They are long, but worth it.

Perhaps if everyone takes responsibility for their brain health we would have a more peaceful planet to live in .



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