Effects of Sleep Loss: Stop Learning

The brain never stops fascinating me. We put so little emphasis on the care of our body and sleep that you wonder why some of us get stuck in life wondering how to be successful.

John Medina tells us here that an experiment with rats shows that the day you learn something then when you sleep you replay that learning experience like 1000 times. This happens during a specific time at night. It is called offline processing. This has been proved to be true for humans also.

The point here is that if our sleeps gets disturbed not only we stop learning, but we need to learn the whole thing again. Now imagine this how many people has sleep disturbance. Mothers of babies get disturbed almost every night for at least 2 years If you happen to live in these countries were the crime rate is high, and you do not feel safe, you are not sleeping well for years. If you are stressed and worried about something you are not sleeping properly either. People that live in uncomfortable situations are not sleeping properly.

I personally have not slept properly since my children were born 6 and a half years ago. Not only because of them but also because I find the later hours of the night the most productive ones.

This is really amazing, that the Universe or God has created such perfect nature, bodies, brains. The whole system is perfect. No, we are not perfect in our doings, but our body and system is perfect, and if we look after it the way we supposed to then it will stay perfect.

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