Esther Hicks – Look for what you want and not what you have

This is an interesting video from Abraham Hicks. Abraham is a non physical entity channeled by Esther Hicks. His teachings are really very clever. This specific video talks about a possible divorce, but it could be applied to any relationship, being people relationship or money relationship, or career relationship.

The teachings I got from this video is that Abraham says that we all have a vibrational attitude, and the Law of attraction will give us what matches our vibrational attitude. So when you believe something the universe will give you reasons to believe that and you will keep getting more of it.

So if you want to see a change in your life you need to change first you actions. Your actions will change your vibrations and you will be able to attract something new.

In this case Abraham says that people in relationships keep pointing out what is wrong with the other person. When you are justifying your decision to end the relationship you keep the bad vibration within you and the next relationship will be the same.The thing is that you will keep attraction what is a match to your vibration.

Abraham says, in this case, that you do not need to justify to anyone that you want a different relationship and you do not have to label anyone so that you can leave. In this example all you need to say is “We are not a match and I really want to be with someone that is a match”

The lady in this example created the relationship she was in , and it might well be the relationship of your dreams. But she is so wrapped in what she got that she cannot see where she is going. .

I think that is one of the biggest problems we face many times. We are so wrapped about where we are, what we got or do not have and busy complaining about it, that we cannot match what we actually want. The point is to focus on what we want without complaining. Focus on where you are going.

As said Abraham Hicks is a non physical entity channeled by Esther Hicks.

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2 Responses to Esther Hicks – Look for what you want and not what you have

  1. Hi Andrea

    Thanks for this post.

    My background is in the paranormal and so I love to see other worldly resources being brought to bear on this world and the problems we face.

    Can never have too many resources at our disposal I reckon and that it includes voices from beyond, so be it.



    • Andrea says:

      Hi Rosemary

      I always loved everything that was on teh spiritual, paranormal side. I am glad you enjoy it. I find it fascinating,


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