Excessive Worrying: Don’t Worry, Be Happy

This is a well known song and it is a great advice. It has been proven that optimistic people live healthier lives than worriers.
Excessive worry produces anxiety. Worriers see everything and everyone as a possible threat and they just worry about things that may not even happen. Worriers think about every single thing that could go wrong.

Worrying constantly can affect every aspect of your life, from job, sleep, appetite, relationships, job performance, decrease in self confidence, decrease in productivity since your energy is focused on your worries. Furthermore some of the worriers may start harmful habits (smoking, drinking, overeating) thinking it would help them release some stress, but in reality it makes the situation worst.

When you worry the body releases adrenalin, which is the result of the flight or fight reflex. Too much adrenalin may affect your digestive system and you may become sick.

How to stop worrying:

  • Being more optimistic will help you overcome some of your worrying habits, as you will be able to see the positive outcome of a situation
  • Write down the problem you are facing, and what is the worst possible outcome and what is the best possible outcome. Once you know what you may face your worry will dissipate.
  • Discuss things with other. Some people may see things differently and will help you relax a bit about the situation.
  • Think of what you could do if the worst possible thing took place.
  • Meditation and visualization. Put some meditation music on and mediate for at least 15 minutes a day.
  • Taking action: If something is worrying you and you know how to resolve it, then take action as you will feel much better once it is over with. If you are unsure of what to do, or you need to find out something, then rather find out sooner than later and then the worry will dissipate.
  • Healthy Eating: Eating an unhealthy diet can make your tension worst. It has been proven that a healthy diet can help with depression. There has been a connection between low levels of omega-3 and depression and low levels of minerals and mental health.
  • Despite the worries take time to relax Make a weekly date with your partner. Enjoy the weekend with your family and/or friends. Relaxing is necessary to build you up. If you take some time off from your worries your ind will be clearer and perhaps you will see it differently after the break.
  • No matter what your religion or belief is, pray. Pray, talk it with your angels, talk it with your pillow, write the problem n a paper and put it under the pillow. Your mind works at it at night and you might get an answer in the morning. Praying works wonder, you do not need to have the solution to everything, surrender and ask help from whoever you believe in.

Worrying in certain cases can be good. It can push you to take action, but excessive worry and constant worry is not good. My parents were both worriers. Really worriers, they would just think the worst as soon as one of their children did not get home in time. So I have been a worrier for a long time. I felt much more relaxed after my children were born, but I am still working on my worries. What about you. How do you handle worries? Does worrying work for you or not?

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