Exercise and Happiness: Overcome Depression

We all know that exercise is good for us and that for many different reasons we do not exercise as much as we should. perhaps is the lack of time, the laziness, the cold, I am too old, I am sore, I get tired, or I just feel too depressed to move.

Caroline Adams Miller tells us about a research that we intuitively knew u it is now proven. The research has shown that just by being outside it boosts our vitality by 95% . Just by thinking of going to a wilderness vacation can make you happy.

Exercise has proven to :

  • reduce depression and anxiety by 20%
  • lymphoma patients who exercise for 3 to 12 weeks say to be happier
  • improve cognition function
  • Keeps you healthy
  • Keeps you fit
  • helps with weight loss.
  • Makes you happier
  • Boosts your brain

The question in this concern is if the doctors will prescribe the exercise when you are sick. The problem to this is that not many doctors are walking the talk. They do not exercise themselves.

So if you are depressed the thing to do is first:

  • get outdoors
  • exercise
  • ensure that the exercise you choose matches your personality.

You can exercise on your own or with people.Team exercise can help you also to do teamwork. Like children need to play team sports to learn to do team work, this still applies to the adults.

So the thing to do next time you are feeling depressed or even slightly down is just go for a walk, even if it is to your letter box. Then keep increasing it every couple fo days, go a couple of meters further. In no time you will notice the difference that exercise can do in your life.

Even7 min utes workout can make a difference. You do not have to spend hours exercising.

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