Fruit Diet- Can Humans Eat Just Fruit?

Anne has been been eating a special raw food diet, eating just fruit for more than 20 years. The amazing thing is that she does not even eat lots of fruit. She does sometimes monomeals for some time, like Anne has eaten just melons or watermelons for 6 months. In another occasion she drank only orange juices for almost 2 months. She has even raised her two kids on a fruit diet.

She reports that after she started this diet she was feeling happier, in peace and totally healthy. She says her kids have not had any health issue either.
I think this might be a bit extreme. I do not think there is anything wrong with eating greens or nuts for protein, and even some cooked meals like potatoes, lentils or beans.

There is also a book from Dr Douglas Graham, the 80/10/10 diet principle. Most low fat Raw Vegan people follow this principle. The principle consists on eating 80% of carbohydrates from fruits, 10% fat and 10% protein. So you are really eating lots of fruit. Contrary to what you may think this could be beneficial even for people with diabetes. It will give you energy and feel happy according to what they say and according to my 7 day raw food challenge I did a couple of months ago.

I am more inclined to follow the 80/10/10 principle incorporating some cooked food than just eating fruit alone. I could personally do the fruit alone for some days as a detox, or even juice alone like I did before, but not sure I would like to continue forever on just fruit.

With regards to raising my kids on fruit alone I do not think it will work for my children. First of all they were not raised from birth on just fruit, and I can see they will feel the odd ones out when being with their friends. This could affect their self esteem. Certainly I will encourage them eating healthy as much as possible and that way when they grow up they might even choose to follow the diet or not.

Ever since I started researching the raw food diet I personally tried to follow but I have not succeeded yet except for a short periods of time when I did the juice feasting and a 7 day raw challenge. I have not eaten meat or animal products, but I was tempted many times with sweets, chocolate and bread. Fro the research I did that happens because I am not eating enough carbohydrates.

This morning as a test I have eaten 3 pears alone. It is not 11:00 am yet and I am already hungry. So I wonder how many pears do I need to eat. The trouble to follow this diet is to find a place where you can buy fruit and vegetables in bulk at a lower price. I have found a market here that sells cheaper than supermarkets, but not as the ones I saw on the videos. I will keep searching.

There are many opinions when it comes to a healthy diet. Some people think we need to eat animal products, and some believe we should not even eat cheese or eggs. So you get different type of vegetarians. I think  everyone has to test what best suit to them. There is no right or wrong answer. Try them all and compare how you feel on them.


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