Gary Null: Human Brain Capacity

I found these videos by Gary Null and I really loved them. So I am sharing some of them with you. This is the first time I hear about him but I found out that he is an expert in nutrition, so I really respect and agree with much that I have heard from him. He explains how the nutrition affects our bodies and our brains. If we eat badly our brain will age prematurely. Our brain is the mst powerful tool and if we keep it healthy we are going to be happier.

Intuition is a clear knowing that you know but you do not know how you know. It is the deepest wisdom of the soul. The intuitive mind speaks with images, pictures and symbols. Intuition can come in a flash, an “aha” moment.

If we change our thinking we change our feelings, if we change our feelings we change our behaviour, if we change our behaviour then the result changes. The behaviour depends on our belief system, on how we view the world and how we see ourselves. Behaviour depends on our self image. All humans have within themselves the power of becoming so much more than what they are. If we change our thinking and improve our self image we will achieve much more.

Oxidation comes from stress, drinking, smoking, living in a polluted environment. We live in extremely polluted environment. We smoke, drink, inhale chemicals and toxins which go to our brain cells, create free radicals which damage the brain.

Our most polluted environment is our homes. We think that we clean our houses and in reality we pollute it with al these chemicals that we use to clean. We know they are bad but we think we can handle it. The damage is cumulative, one glass of wine will not do much damage but if we keep repeating it will.
Whatever is bad for our body and health, it is bad for our brains. We cannot separate them. We are one. Remember our bodies, mind and souls are all connected. So whatever food we eat that is bad for our bodies is bad for our brains. He mentions that dounughts are the worst food we could ever eat; it is high in fat, sugars and fried.

We are what we eat. At some point the body gives up and gets sick and there is no turning back, or we age prematurely.

The first step suggested is to reduce neurotoxins, like artificial sweeteners, smoking, alcohol, refined flour and refined sugar. Eat a nutritious diet; exercise the body and the brain. Exercise helps with oxygenation of the body and brain.

I hope you found this interesting and give you something to think. I do remember going on holiday to the USA around late 70’s and then for us was a novelty eating fried chicken and it was like wow, delicious. I am not sure what were we thinking. I have not eaten fried food in general for 20 years now, but at that time that was like the thing to eat for us. The worst think we can do is just assuming that whatever the media shows us is what we need to do. We have our wonderful brains and we should always research what is presented to us. So do not take my word for it, or Gary Null’s word. You need educate yourself, analyse your findings and reach your own conclusions.

I would love to hear what you thought about this. You can read more about Gary Null.

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