Get what you Want: How to do it

We all want things and sometimes we do not get what we want even if we are applying the law of attraction What Abraham tells us is that we do not get what we want because we are always focusing on what we do not want. For exmaple if we want a new job, we jsut say: “I am tired of this job, I cannot stand it anymore. Ohhh, It is Monday again and this job is driving me nuts”

If we do not get what we want, our vibrations do not macth what we want. Whatever we give our attention to is vibrating, and when it vibrates and we observe we are including it on our vibration. If we see what we do not want and we shout NO then we are including it in our vibration.

Everytime we shout NO to something we do not want we are actally shouting YES.
If there is a vibrational match between what we want and ourselves, then things come quickly. But if we keep saying I do not want this, I am here and I want to be thwre, we are actually focsuing on here we are and not where we want to be. So when we talking about being here we are not a vibrational match.

So if we want to get to point B we need to talk more about point B. We need to talk about point B without justifying why we want. to get there.  We need to offer the vibrations of what we want.

So how do we get from here to there. You need to give the attention to point B, Visualization is a great tool to do this. Visualization is not fantasy, Visualization will raise your vibrations.

Abraham suggests never to face reality. Only look at your reality and focus on whatever you like of your reality.
IS this selfish? Abaraham says it might be selfish, but if you do not focus on yourself you have nothing else to give to others. We need to feel good in ourselves before we can give to others, same as helping ourselves first to an oxygen mask in the plane.

Abraham tells us that if he was in our shoes, in this physical world he would take an selfish attiude and say to himself: Nothing is more inportant than feeling good. Becuase teh way we feel is an indication of  the alignment of our vibration with teh physical energy.

So how do you achieve vibrational harmony and wellbeing? Little by little, picking thoughts that feel good and doing things that feel good. To do this you need to be selfish and really look for the things that make you feel good.

When you look for reasons to feel good, you will find them and when you find then you feel good, and as you feel good you let the good things in, like abundance or anything you want.

Personally so many times people tell me I need to face reality. That really makes me angry and sad that people are not prepared to change their reality and they thing that we cannot change things


Are you ready to change things? Share your stories.


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