Health Benefits of Bitter Melon: Remedy for Diabetes

Jeff uses the bitter melon as part of the protocol for diabetes. The internal structure of the bitter melon is similar to insulin. It is so similar that when a diabetic eats a bitter melon the sugar levels comes down
Inside the bitter melon there arewhite crustal that are the phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are the spurkplugs of the immune system.
The health benefits of bitter melon are highlighted by a study that says that bitter melon has more phytochemicals than any other vegetables. Bitter melons are also good for cancer.
If a diabetic eats bitter melon is as injecting insulin. But by just eating bitter melon tehy will not be cured. They need a complete protocol that Jeff uses.
Bitter melons are not easy to cook. You need to know how to cook bitter melon because they are bitter.

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