Health Benefits of Blueberries

Karen Roth tells us about the benefits of blueberries.

She says that as we aged we stat getting forgetful, we cannot say the right word or write and real as we used to do it, and our brain does not work the same. We tend to blame it on age, but healthy eating is essential for the correct functioning of our brain and to avoide memory loss and other “age” related diseases.

But the reality says that two of the major causes of bran decline is inflammation and oxidative stress.

A study done by the National Institute of Aging on rats.¬† Rats were divided in two groups. One was fed on blueberry rich diet, and the other group was not fed blueberries at all. Then they exposed the rats to a chemical that causes the same sort of damage in the brain as the Alzeigmer’s. The results of the study showed that the rats that ate blueberries showed significantly less damage to the brain than the ones that did not eat blueberries.

The statisti says that 1 in 5 people over the age of 65 has Alzeihmer’s. It is good to prevent and protect our brain.

Blueberry has 40% more of the same antioxidant that red wine has. It is this antioxidant that protects us from the free radical damage that causes oxidative  stress and thatcauses our brain functions to decline.

So eating blueberries can help with short term memory loss. Blueberries are in season in summer. You can stock on the, and freeze them.  Karen suggests eating them daily.

She also recommends buying organic as they are using lots of pesticides on the blueberries. You can use Blueberries with yogurt, cereals, on salads, on any smoothie that you make

Here are a few recipes of blueberries smoothies and some blueberry salad recipes.

Alzeihmer’s disease is affecting lots of people, specially over the age of 65. If you suspect a loved one has been affected by this disease but you ae not sure then you need to look for advise and help. Here you can read about Alzeihmer’s symptoms.

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