Health Benefits of Potatoes

Many people think that white potatoes are not good for you, but they are actually wrong. The health benefits of potatoes are many. Potatoes are one of the healthiest food you can eat.
The world healthiest people live on a starch diet with vegetables and fruit. The problem is not the potatoes but what you put on the potato, like butter, margarine or sour cream. Rather eat potatoes with vegetable on top of it.

The reason people think potatoes are bad, is because carbohydrates turn to sugar, and some of them turn quickly to sugar. White Potatoes turn into sugar quite quickly compared with other type of potatoes. If you eat potatoes as part of a balanced healthy diet they are perfectly healthy.

I started to eat more and more potatoes recently. I eat them baked or steamed, and I must say they are one of my favorite meals. i just eat them alone, with no toppings or sometimes I put raw onions as a topping. At the moment there is nothing that makes me happier than a steamed potato.

Eating cooked potatoes with raw onion on top is like making the potato alive.

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