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Dr Vincent Bellonzi tells us honestly why we have some many health problems as we age. Watch the video because I believe he is saying what we do not want to hear although deep down we know eat.

He is really talking about anti aging, but anti aging is directly related to healthy eating and to being happier. In summary tells us that so many things are blamed on age and that is not correct. He says he was participating in a marathon and one of the ladies that participated was an 80 years old lady that was going to run a 26 mile marathon. Now this lady was obviously healthy and fit and probably finished her marathon.

He says that all other 80 year old should be able to do it if hey look after their body and health.When Dr Bellonzi refers to anti aging he is talking about preserving your body functions. It is not related to the age.

He says the body has the capability to regenerate in a year, the liver and the lining of the stomach can regenerate in days. When the cells regenerate the body can keep a reserve. This reserve is exactly like, a reserve. When you are younger nothing affects you, you can work hard, fall down, you heal easily, you recover easily stress does not affect you much, but with time as the body loses its functioning the reserve decreases, and it takes us longer to recover from things.

He also gives the example of if you have a bad moment at work and you stress then you get a headache. That should not really happen. The body should be able to handle stress if it has the adequate reserve. As time passes and because we do not take care we lose the reserve and we get sick, pains and aches. We need t maintain that reserve by looking after your body.

He emphasises that if you care after your body you could anti age.We must not blame things on age. The body is not functional as it used to be because of a lack of care.

He says you can turn this around with a proper lifestyle.  There are other means to reverse the process of aging. Like if you go to an anti aging clinic they will use some hormones like the growth hormones. The growth hormone is the ant aging hormone. The thing is that your body has the capacity to generate this hormone until the day you die, if you look after your body.

Never is too late to start looking after your body. Since your body can regenerate, you could do your own anti aging. For example during sleep the body generates growth hormone. So by sleeping well you will be generating this hormone.

The growth hormone also gets generated during intense exercise. By intense, he does not mean that you need to exhaust yourself, but it needs to be intense.

He adds that no magic pill will make you young, but you can do your own ant aging. By having a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating, exercising, good sleep, you can feel good and be happier.

How healthy eating can make you happier.

Healthy foodsWhen we feel unhappy we generally start looking at our surroundings, we look at our job, our house, our family, financial problems, dreams that we cannot achieve and perhaps if we are overweight we look at our bodies and the food we eat. But in general if we do not have a weight issue we may not consider how our diet is affecting our mood and happiness. But we go around asking ourselves how to be happy.

We are all one, we are mind, body and soul, and we are energy. Our cells are energy and vibrate. If we feed them with unhealthy food or the wring food they will not vibrate the best and this will be projected in our soul and we probably wonder why we are unhappy.

Having myself been an overweight child and having then lost the weight I have always been aware of weight issues and I am always conscious f how much I eat. But I am not always conscious of how healthy or balanced food I eat. Although I do not tend to eat unhealthy take away food, and in general I do not drink soda, and do not eat fried food, I must confess that for periods I have not eaten a balanced diet.

That and a lack of sleep obviously have contributed to my unhappy mood and my not being in peace with myself in many occasions.

So I am here in a mission to change my diet and my family diet to live a healthier and happier life. As I learn and I try things I will share my progress in this site.

Our cells are energy, and are functioning constantly, but they need the right fuel to function properly. If we feed them with the wrong fuel then they will not work. They are exactly like a car; if you give the wrong type of fuel to a car it will not function properly. We take care better of our cars than your own bodies. And then we expect to be happy and function at our maximum performance. Crazy, don’t you think?

So to give the right type of fuel we need a balanced diet. A balanced diet will:

  • Will decrease the risk of illness.
  • Will help you o feel energetic
  • Will  optimize brain function
  • Will boost your immune system.
  • Will help you maintain a healthy weight. And therefore it will boost your self esteem and make you happier.

Our thoughts makes us happier. Nothing outside us makes us happy, it is ust our thoughts. Our thoughts come from our mind. So whatever we feed in our body it will feed our brains.

Food for the Brain: Interesting facts:

  1. The brain has neurotransmitters that assist in the communication with the brain cells. Some of these neurotransmitters are:  amino acids, dopamine, epinephrine, histamine, serotonin and melatonin/. These chemicals affect our moods, how we handle stress and also our feelings of pleasure and pain. These chemicals are affected by the food we eat. So if we eat healthy food this neurotransmitters will perform positively but if we follow a not so healthy diet this neurotransmitters will be affected negatively.
  2. The Society for Neuroscience has stated that eating fatty food has the same affect on the brain as heroin and cocaine. This means that eating fatty food after a while becomes an addiction If we continue eating this fatty food for a long time the brain chemistry will be changed on a molecular level.
  3. A healthy diet will affect your brain positively and after years of eating healthy you will be much happier and your brain will perform well still. Like the nutritionist Elizabeth Sumor says whatever you eat for breakfast. It will influence yoru happiness that afternoon.
  4. Eating vegetables will improve the brain chemistry because they provide the antioxidants that kill s the free radicals.  The brain is subject to the free radicals created by the metabolism of oxygen. The antioxidants in the vegetables will neutralize l the free radicals that can be harmful to the healthy cells.
  5. When we eat regularly, throughout the day, provided the food is healthy our brain gets refuelled the same way you would refuel your car. You need to eat regular mini meals and avoid starving your body by means of strict diet which deprive the brain from its fuel. When you deprive your body from food you are actually slowing the brain and clouding your memory.
  6. Exercise as, during exercise your body wil generate more of the growth hormone.

So next time you feel angry, depressed, moody, emotional or old do not blame your boss, your partner, kids, or your age. First consider what you have eaten and see if this could be the cause. Always remember the incredible power of the mind, we change anything we want, so let's not set ourselves as victims.

Healthy eating  will give you energy to do more, you probably will feel more productive and you will feel healthier which will make you self confident and happier.  We have the ability to change our life.

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