Healthy Eating Kids – How to Encourage Kids to eat Healthy

Warning: Always watch your child when he is making a smoothie. Keep blender out of children reach 
I thought I would never have healthy eating kids, although my kids their diet was not so bad, but still some days or even weeks they did not eat any fruit at all.

But Since I started my healthy eating journey, my son really started to be curious and started trying the things I eat. It also helped that at school they talk about healthy eating and they had grown some vegetables at the school garden.
The key to have healthy eating kids is to eat healthy yourself. Kids learn by example and if you do not eat healthy they will follow you. So follow a healthy diet and soon your kids will be interested and start trying it. My son has now replaced his oatmeal breakfast with a banana smoothie. Of course some days he would not do it, and he does not eat totally healthy throughout the day, but slowly he is changing his diet. He also enjoys eating salads and he does not eat as much meat as he used to, I am sure he will be an example for my younger daughter who does not even want to try the smoothie.

Healthy Eating Kids: Great Breakfast Option

Below is a recipe that “he” created:

2 frozen bananas
3-4 strawberries (fresh or frozen)
1 pear

He has this every morning, and he loves it.

Other tips for eating healthy is to talk to your children about fruit and veggies. Take them to the market with you. I would not say my son loves going to the market, but once he is there he loves telling me what fruit and veggies to buy.

Another great option is to start planting your own veggies in your garden and getting your children to help. It is a great way of getting them involved in healthy eating and at the same time spending some quality time together. If you do not know much about gardening perhaps you can learn how to garden and about organic gardening by researching the internet. Besides encouraging your children to get involved with healthy habits, gardening will help adults to be in contact with nature, and relaxing.



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