How to Change Beliefs: 4 Steps to Empowering Beliefs

Beliefs are what make all the difference in our lives. They can turn your life around; they can break you or make you happy. Anthony Robbins says that beliefs can make you live joyfully or make you live in misery. The power that beliefs have is unlimited. They can change your body in a matter of moments. Experiment made by Dr Bernie Seagel showed how people with multiple personality disorders literally changed their body shape, eye color in front of doctors, all driven by their beliefs. Beliefs are so powerful that can make cure you from diseases or kill you.

But what is a belief? A belief is a certainty about what something means. Beliefs are supported by references. Imagine a table top with no legs. The table top cannot be supported, but if you add the leg  then it becomes a belief.

You can create any belief you want as long as you find enough legs to support them. What are the legs? For example if you want to change  the belief  that you are not  good at speaking to people,  go into your memory and remember any time that you spoke to people: for example when you play with your friends and convinced them to play certain game, when you convinced your teacher to give you another chance, or when you convinced your parents or husband to buy you something that you wanted. That would be a reference, a leg to your table top, a reference to the belief that you can talk to people.The more legs or references you find teh stronger your belief becomes.

All personal breakthroughs start with our personal beliefs. So how to change beleifs?

1. Start with the pain and pleasure principle. .Get your brain to associate enough massive pain with your old belief and you will change it in a second. Then associate pleasure with a new empowering belief.
2. Create doubt. Start questioning your beliefs, question them enough to start doubting them.  You already question yourself to create these limiting beliefs, so now use the method to create powerful beliefs. Give legs to your new beliefs, and it will become a conviction. Lets say you decide not to eat meat, then strengthen that belief by talking to vegetarian people and let them tell you their stories and how not eating meat benefit them.
3. Find a trigger event that will make you change your beliefs. For example if your beliefs favour drugs and you want to change that then visit a shelter and see what the consequences of using drugs can have on a person.
4. Take action, each action will strengthen your commitment and raise the level of conviction.  Focus on the consequences of your beliefs.

Are your beliefs strengthening your foundation by moving in the direction you desire or are they holding you back?

As the video suggests it take your time right now to write the beliefs that are empowering you and the ones that are disempowering you now. Here are 18 core beliefs of highly successful people
Please comment on what you experience whilst you rediscovered your beliefs.

UPdate 2015: THere seems to be a problem with the video. But what the video.

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