How to Get Rich- Mindset and Great Business Ideas

Jack Canfields tells us how to get rich in three steps:

  1.  Decide that you want to get rich.
  2. Once you decided you want to get rich then visualize yourself living the lifestyle you want. Visualize twice a day early in the morning and before going to bed. The subconscious mind will start working on what you are visualizing.
  3. Study rich people:  read books on how to get rich, watch videos, go to seminars, or webinars.
  4. Find people that are all rich and find a way of entering their atmosphere of influence. You will only be as rich as the people that surround you. So go and be with rich people, talk to them. Read their books and also learn from them, socialize with them. Do what they do, like from time to time you can frequent the type of restaurants they go to, or fly business class, or rent a nice car. .

These are the 4 steps to becoming rich. Let me add another step which is taking action. . You will not become rich by doing nothing. Becoming rich can mean different things  to many people. For some people it means having some extra $500 dollars a month, for others means going twice a year on holidays, or having a holiday boat. SO decide what being rich means to you.

Also you need to decide on the vehicle you are going to use to become rich. We are lucky that nowadays there are many vehicles to become rich. But if you have never made money before beside your normal 9-5 job here are few suggestions to start a part time or full time business. The following are business you can easily start online from the comfort of your home with very little capital, some even under $20.

How to Get Rich: Business Ideas

  1.  A Network marketing business, which can bring you good money if the company you choose has a good product and a great support system.  There are few companies that require an investment under $20 but some companies will require an investment between 200 and $1000.
  2.  Make Money Blogging: You can blog about any of your passions or any other subject that you may be interested in, and at the same time make money with advertisement campaigns (ad sense) of by selling products related to the subject in your niche. The investment for this type of business is under $20 per month but you could  also start with free blogging software in which case you would not need to invest anything.
  3.  E-commerce sites: Have a website build where you sell yours or others people products. You will need to find a supplier or manufactruer of the product you want to sell. This may require a larger investment probably about $5 to $100 per month if you build your site yourself. If not you will need to spend money to have the site built for you.
  4.  Freelancing: There are a variety of jobs you can freelance depending on your skills: writing articles for people, doing videos, graphic design or even programming for people. There is not really investment here accept if you want to advertise for customers, but there are always sites where you can offer your services, like, and
  5.  Consulting. If you have expertise in certain field you may want to consult people online or in the physical world. For that you may need some website, business card or flyers to advertise your business, or you could even advertise in face book through word of mouth

This was a summary of things you could do to answer your question on how to get rich . Before starting you obviously need to do some more homework. But a word of advice here, do enough homework to be sure of what you are doing but do not overdo the homework that you never get to start the business.

Just to reiterate do not discount your mindset when starting a business.  You need to be focused and have decided that you want to succeed. Only when thing will be able to work for you.

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