How to get what you want- Secret to attracting with your mind

The power of the mind is incredible. Unfortunately we only utilize less than 10% of the power of our mind.
In this video Michael J. Duckett tells us how the mind is like a magnet. He says is not like a regular magnet but the mind will attract everything you believe on. The Secret shows us  that whatever you believe on the mind will manifest it. So these are some of the points he tells us:

Power of the MindThe mind attracts the things you think about.

• Therefore by thinking of things you desire the mind will help you to attract them.

• The mind does not distinguish between reality and imagination, so whatever you visualize in your mind even if it is not real the mind will believe.

• If you keep visualizing something in your mind ,, the mind will manifest whatever you believe in
• Success starts in the mind. If you want to be successful be successful in your mind first.

• The mind cannot pick up the words “don’t”, “not” and “no”. So do not say I do not want to be overweight, because the mind will not see the “not” and you will be overweight. Say instead “I am slim and healthy”. He suggests that if you do not believe you are slim and healthy say instead “I am in the process of being slim and healthy”.
• According to Dr Michael J. Duckett everyone has addictions. Addictions do not only entail cigarette and drugs. We are addicted to the side of the bed we sleep, or to coffee, tea, or to the food we eat. We normally eat 7 different types of food. He says tat whatever we are addicted to we are in life. If we change our addictions it will allows us to grow in life.

He suggests we change our addictions and it will allow us to grow in life.
Be warned that when changing your addictions you will first grief as the mind is losing what it is used to.

He leaves us with some steps to follow:

1. Decide what you want
2. Create a burning desire
3. Keep on thinking and visualizing what you want.
4. Start doing it right now so you can attract the life that you want


If you think about in the creative process we are so wondefully created. everything is perfect as it should be. We have incredible minds, and we only use less than 10% of the power of our brain. We could solve so many problems that we ourselves created by just changing our thinking. In which way would you start changing your thinking today?

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