How to Overcome Depression Naturally

If you ever been depressed in your life, you probably asked yourself how to overcome depression naturally. This video explains just that, how to overcome depression without any medication.  You probably know and have heard what this video says,  but you should actually listen carefully and follow the advice. He says that everyone is  going to be subject to depression at one time or another. Depression comes from not having enough freedom to do what a person wants. In few words depression comes from giving your power away.

You need to learn how to be happy with yourself regardless of what happens outside of yourself. You have the power and freedom to be happy.  Your happiness comes from within. If your happiness depends of external circumstances then you are giving your power away.

What are you running all the time outwards in order to be happy?  Happiness is with you all the time. You can be happy regardless of  outside circumstances. You can do this simply by following these steps:

  • Sit or lay down completely quiet. Still your mind.
  • Create your  inner environment.
  • Do not compare yourself with others or then you would get depressed.
  • Experience a mantra,or look at a rose flower, and then take that image in your mind.
  • Have certain values so that you do not get tempted.

You are  the master of your destiny. nothing outside of you can determine your happiness. You have the choice to be happy. Decide not to moan but celebrate every moment. You have the freedom to be happy. This will strength your inner self and you will be overcoming depression naturally and learn how to be happy no matter what.

I know it is easy to take a pill and overcome depression, then you do not have to get in touch with yourself, and not do the hard work. Human by nature always looks at the easier way out. But then you are becoming dependent on something external, and you are giving your power away. This should take you only 15 minutes of your day. No more.

During the last two years I have focused more on the right way of feeding your body, and I can tell you by experience that depression is so much related to diet and not just your thoughts. Everything is related. We are mind, body and soul. So nutrition  number one, but you also need a coach ,someone to talk with, and that will keep you in track. The coaching experience does not need to be expensive. As a matter of fact you can become your own coach. All you need is just being willing to see things differently. 



Please share below if you ever have been depressed, and how did you overcome it.

If you know sure if you are depressed you can read the symptom of depression.





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