Human Curiosity: Brain and Exploration

This video is difficult to put it into words, so you need to watch it. Society has built schools, universities and businesses, without taking into account the human curiosity factor. Humans are curious by nature.

I can personally see it in my children, they are always asking questions, and it is so sad that most of adults have lost that curiosity . Society ha told us things are like this and we assume are like that. But if business, schools and universities took into account the human curiosity we should explore everything before we came to a conclusion. Perhaps if we explored more we would achieve that sense of happiness that many of us lack.

Recently my son was out of school for two months, and I was concerned he was going to be behind when he returned to school, because he is just 6 years old, when they are learning to read. But as his father told me, he is learning other things, firing questions and learning practical skills being in the outdoor, between nature and business

As adults sometimes also we get too busy and may discourage our children when they ask questions. Next time you catch yourself doing that think again

As John Medina also asks in the video when was the last time that you took 15 minutes to walk 20 feet? Please share yoru thoughts.


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