Hungry For Change: A New Movie that may Change your Life

Hungry for change is a movie by food matters that was released last month.
I need to apologize here but I missed the release of this since for a short while you could have watched it free online. Unfortunately that is not longer available, but you can still watch the first 20 minutes online. Watch the first 20 minutes of Hungry for Change. .

We do not realize how addicted we are to sugar and food, but once you watch the movie, or you really notice it, then your mindset can change.

It is scary how we can feed our houses with all the right elements to keep it safe, and we feed our cars with the right oil or gasoline to keep it in perfect conditions, yet we fail to feed our bodies with healthy and nutritious food. Our body is our temple and we need to look after it.

A change in diet will not only solve the obesity problem and any related health problem but it will also solve your mindset. By eating properly you are nourishing your brain cells, and you can solve problems like depression or bad mood. By eating properly we are then finding happiness within us, and not outside us.

I let you know watch the movie, and you can judge by yourself. This movie has the power of changing your life.

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