Law of Attraction 30 Day Challenge -Being Grateful for Paying Accounts

In my last post we were talking about gratitude.  I want to expand on that. I was reading my book, my mentor book as motivation for mu challenge, how to Get Wildly Wealthy fast. And Sandy commented that we need to be grateful not only for the money flowing in but also the money flowing out.

So yes, you need to be grateful for paying accounts. How many times you are grateful and happy to pay an account.

In my experience, I had no problems before, and I can tell you that I had no money problems in the past. But for the last years, every time I have to pay an account I feel a pain in my heart. No wonder I am not manifesting money as fast as I would like. Sandy suggests that we need to be grateful every time we pay an account>

For example if you are paying electricity, give thanks that you could plug in your computer to read this blog, or that you could open the fridge to drink that cold drink. When your need to pay your car registration think of how lucky you are to have a car, that can take you from A to B in no time (depending on traffic, sometimes you get there faster walking or riding a bike), Can you see the point?

We take all these things for granted and complain when we need to pay for them, but they really make life much simpler and easier. This is very important. I realize now that the last years I was cringing when  I had to pay money. So it is time to change now, and as with every change it will not happen overnight.

The important thing is to become aware. Even if you forget and cringe about spending money, you will know you did the opposite of what you should be doing. Next time you will remember before complaining and perhaps you would be grateful for it

30 Day Law of Attraction Challenge Day 19 to 21

During these days I continued with my affirmation. I have changed my affirmation to

I am now financially independent,

I also have gotten some affirmations audios, and I am listening whilst I go to bed in my mp3 player. Then, first thing in the morning I get my mp3 player and listen to the affirmations again. I also listen when working on my computer.

After my affirmations I did my visualization. I have been doing my visualization at least twice a day. If you are not, do not worry. My visualizations sometimes are not perfect. My mind drifts a lot, but there are seconds in the visualization that I can feel the feelings, I can feel exactly where I am, like if I am swimming I can feel the water in my body, I can smell the chemicals in the water, and it becomes so vivid.

I have also read from two books, Feel the Fear and do it Anyway and How to get Wildly Wealthy Fast.

My gratitude list was:

  • Great time with friends
  • Great food
  • Heater in my car
  • My hair straightener
  • Our blue sky
  • Watching the clouds in the sky
  • Videos (I was watching some videos of family)
  • Meditation
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Being thankful for future opportunities
  • Sticking to my diet
  • Summer days
  • December Vibes
  • Money flowing out
  • Being alive

How is your challenge going. We have few days to finish the challenge, but what is important is that you create the habit to cntinue this for life.

If you have not joined the 30 day Law of Attraction Challenge, you can still join it.

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