Law of Attraction 30 Day Challenge – Being Perfect – Day 14 to 16


Many times we pass on doing things because we want to do it all perfect. We cannot forgive ourselves if we do not do it perfectly. Perhaps you take lots of time doing something or you stop yourself from writing a book, painting or doing anything because it is not perfect.

The funny thing is that we also teach this to our children. We tell them “if you are not gong to do it well, do not do it.” Or perhaps we say, “I rather do it myself because I know I do it well”

With these phrases we are giving the message that they are not perfect, or we are not perfect, but we need to be perfect to succeed.

I always say that if we were perfect we would not be in this world. When we become perfects then is time to leave this world.

So embrace your imperfection, not only you are imperfect but you are also unique. There is no one way of doing things. There are many ways to skin a cat. You can do it your way and I can do it my way and at the end we will get to the same results, the love within us.

So here is an affirmation from Susan Jeffers

“I am good enough as I am … and who I am is
 a powerful land loving human being who is
learning and growing every step of the way.”

30 Day Law of Attraction Challenge – Day 14 to 16

This is an update on the last 3 days of my challenge. I suddenly incorporated something else in my visualizations.

You see an opportunity presented for me to buy a license for a specific product, and unfortunately let it go because I did not have the cash to do it. Then someone else bought it, (only one person could acquire this). I felt sorry I let this go.

.Well I decided to visualize that for any reason that deal would not go ahead and I would have another opportunity to get it myself.

I am still visualizing this and it might take time. But I am hoping I will get another chance. I even dreamed with the person that took up this opportunity.

The first day I visualized it I was quite convinced I will get a second chance, I need to stay positive now and continue visualizing and believing I will get it.

I am also telling to myself, if it is right for me it will happen.

And I am being grateful for this opportunity.

How is your law of attraction challenge going? Remember it does not need to be perfect, (mine is definitely not perfect), and you can
always join in the 30 day Law of Attraction Challenge

You can read more about my challenge journey.


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