Law of Attraction 30 Day Challenge – Day 5


Being a Sunday, day 5 was more  relaxing.
Today I read my book from Sandy Forster and also listen to some of the Silva Method training which reminded me of one thing,

Looking for the why of your goal. Always ask yourself the why of what you want, because you may get what you want in different ways. There are many roads to what we want to achieve, and we need to be open to the possibility that things will come in different ways.

What is Your Why?

Lets find out what is the why of your goal

For example, in my case I want to become financially independent

Because it will allow me to spend more time with my children, and travel whenever I wanted to see my family

Because I would love to be the best mother and daughter I can be?

Because my children deserve to have a great mother, and that will boost my confidence. I also want to be remembered and admired as someone that made a difference.

Wow, then what I really want is to be remembered and admired for making a difference. So I may be remembered in different ways even if I do not get to become financially independent. I might get remembered as a good mother, or as a good friend, or for inspiring people. But I could make a difference even if I do not become financially independent.

So now I need to be open to the idea that I may not become financially independent. And to tell you the truth, it is not so easy to accept that idea. I love to be my own boss and control my time.

So I will need to deal with it, to become open to the idea that what I want will become in different ways.

What is your why?


I did my visualization today and visualized a day in my life.
Also remember during the day to feel prosperous or abundant, and give thanks for whatever you want as if you already have it. .

Today I did not feel so negative although I felt tired very quickly and got to bed early which is unusual for me.

My affirmation was

I am so blessed to have the life I have

My gratitude list was:

  • A walk
  • Books
  • Feedback from my readers
  • A hug from my children
  • Air conditioner in the car

How about you? Let me know how your 30 Day LOA challenge is going.

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