Law of Attraction 30 Day Challenge – Day 6 and 7

Patience is a virtue“He that can have patience can have what he will.” ― Benjamin Franklin

One of my many faults that really stopped me from achieving my goals during the last years was my lack of patience. I used to start things and I wanted to see changes now. Sometimes I even did not start because I knew it was going to take a long time.

I cannot count how many times, in the last 3 years, I started new projects, new ideas and would give up after a month or even a week.

My coach has illustrated this so clearly to me that I now think twice before I give up on something. Every time you are waiting for something you are in a queue. Imagine a queue at the bank or at the supermarket If you start a project you are in a queue waiting for that project to end, or to bring the desired results.

After a week of being in the project, you lose patience and leave the queue. Next time you decide to start the project again or another project you will need to go to the back of the queue. There is no one holding the queue for you whilst you go and try other things, and of course no cheating. Everyone is watching their space and make sure that you start at the end of the queue I know, it is not nice, but it is fair

So next time you want to give up on something you need to think again, Will you want to start queuing from the back again?

2013 is starting soon, have you started your 2013 project yet? Are you determined to stay in the queue and complete it?

30 Day Law Of Attraction Challenge

Here is a summary of day 6 and 7 of the 30 day Law of attraction challenge,

My affirmations were:
I am now ready to accept that I am now in the process of becoming financially independent.
I am lovable.

Note: Do not forget to add emotions when saying your affirmations. Just repeating them like a parrot will not work. Feel them, as if they are real.

I did my visualization twice a day, and I am starting to visualize without following an audio, but just in my own head. This allows me to visualize wherever I am .
I read another couple of chapters of How to get Wildly Wealthy fast, and also listened to Laura Silva in the Silva Life system

My gratitude list is
  • A phone call from my father
  • Cool weather
  • Videos that reminded me of healthy eating
  • Meditation that helped me relax my eyes
  • An argument I had with a person , which really showed me two things. It showed me what I need to do to start living the life I want, and also showed me that many times I react without thinking, and do not watch my words.
  • I was able to go to the post office to post an important document
  • Thankful fr how much I have compared to millions of other people
  • Thinking about what my kids have achieved during this year
  • Listening to a recording of my chirologist (hand analysis)
  • MP3 recorders, they are wonderful things. (when you compare them to the old tape recorders)


How is your 30 day LOA challenge going? Have you decided to join the queue before 2013 starts. You will definitely have an advantage.


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