Law of Attraction 30 Day Challenge – Day 8 and 9

30 Day Law of Attraction Challenge“Many people feel they must multi-task because everybody else is multitasking, but this is partly because they are all interrupting each other so much”.  Marilyn Vos Savant

Today is a short post. It is late but I wanted to write this post to tell you that I am still here.

It has been more than a week since I started the challenge and what a week. It has been a very busy week for me, and I have been multitasking.

How is your challenge going?

I have visualized and done my affirmations every day.
I have changed my affirmation from “I am now ready to become financially independent”ally independent to
I a now in the process of becoming financially independent.

I have written my affirmation on my children’s whiteboard and I look at it from where I am sitting.

I have been writing my morning pages.

I had a good experience the other day. I went to Toastmasters Christmas Party and we were exchanging presents, and I got a journal and an inspirational book, So I have a new journal for my gratitude list.

To be honest I have been struggling to keep up to date getting busy with work and trying to do too many things at the same time, Have you experienced this before?

But I am still here keeping my visualization, although sometimes is not very clear.

I have also listened to audios this time as my mentors. My audios were on Tapping from the Tapping solution.

I sometimes feel my mind goes in too many directions and I try to do too many things at the same time and I know that is not good because we need focus to succeed.

We think multitasking is great, but many people have proved that it Is not as good,, even for women, and I deep down I know that I am more productive when I focus on one thing alone.

So this weekend I must say I had committed to too many things, and I need to keep my commitments, but my goal next week is to focus on three things per day only.

Here is my gratitude list for the last 2 days.  If you feel that you struggle to find 5 things per day, you are not alone. But I assure that it will get easier with time to experience gratitude for 5 things that you encounter that day.

  • Tapping and EFT to release some stress
  • Toastmasters Christmas party
  • Getting a new journal
  • Advice from a stranger
  • Summer
  • Library – I borrowed lots of books from the library
  • Cell phones- makes communication so much easier.
  • Cars
  • Shopping malls (yes I have spent some money)
  • Technology

I really hope you are keeping up with the 30 day Law of Attraction challenge. If you skip a day, do not stress, just jump back in the queue. This time I reserved your spot.

Looking forward to hearing your comments

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