Law of Attraction 30 Day Challenge – Day 3 and 4

It seems like I lost a day in between. I thought I write one post for the weekend, but I realized I had not written for Friday.
I watched this video from Abraham Hicks, where he explains that a belief is something that you keep thinking.

So even if what you want is not real yet, and it is not what you believe, then start thinking it. If you want to be prosperous start thinking as you are prosperous, and you will end up believing.

Day 3 and 4 of the 30 day challenge went well. I did my visualizations sometimes more than once, but I still sometimes get lost in my mind.

My affirmation these last days were:

I am now ready to become financially independent.
I am so blessed to have this wonderful life.

My mentor was still Sandy Forster as I am reading her book,. It is an easy book to read. One of the exercises she recommends is writing a day in your life. Visualize and write how would you like your day to be.

I have also watched some videos from Abraham Hicks which I found very inspiring and at times they make so much sense.

I have written “a day in my life” many times before. The first time I did it was about 10 or 11 years ago, and at that time I had no children. But in my ideal life I said I would have twins, a boy and a girl, and I would have a successful business and be very happy.
I wanted twins because I was not young, and I thought let me have 2 children at once and it is finished.

Well not everything came to pass. My life had some ups and downs. By nature I am more negative than positive and I am very stubborn. To put it in easy words, sometimes I am my worst enemy.

But I had my 2 children. Although they are not twins, I have my boy and my girl, like I always wanted. They are lovely children. I had both my children after 40. I will tell you another day how I used the universal laws to fall pregnant.

So this weekend I revised my day in my life and I included things that I still wanted to happen like having a great relationship and a successful business.

When you write day in your life, you need to write everything that you would like to do in a day. Describe exactly your life, like if it was a movie. Remember to include your feelings. How would you feel if you had your ideal day, would you be excited, happy, and ecstatic?

Once you have written it, you need to read it daily r visualize it when doing the visualization. Remember to experience the emotions and the feelings as if they were true.

I must let you know that I am far from perfect, and that negative thoughts kept coming to haunt me. But I keep saying “Cancel, cancel”.

My gratitude list was:

My new client
Losing some weight
Water to drink
Abraham Hicks (I watched some videos these last two days)
Digital Cameras – I had received some family photos, and reminded me of what a wonder digital cameras are. You do not need to have boxes full of photos and wait weeks to get the photos..

A warm cup of soup
An email from a friend
A fitness class during the morning
The couch where I could lie down for a nap
My mind.

How about you? How is your challenge gong? Are you feeling the difference.

You still have time to join us for the 30 day Law of Attraction Challenge so you can start 2013 with a positive mindset.

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