Law of Attraction 30 Day Challenge -Gratitude

I came across this video and there are a couple of things this reminded me.

Being grateful is all what this challenge is about really. When we are grateful good things will start to happen.

Live every day as if it was your first and last day! Wow, imagine, if you lived like your first day, you would be excited like a baby, and your last day, you would appreciate everything that you see because it could be your last day. Today is not just another day.

How many times do we look at the sky, except to say it will rain? How many times we appreciate what we see up there, just taking five minutes to smell the roses. Look at the clouds.

How many times we pay attention to the people next to us. We go in elevators, train, buses, and we do not even know who is sitting next to us. Something to think about,

How many times we are grateful for the light, the water that comes from our taps, and even having a car, or being able to read a book.

Bless everyone you come in contact with, Smile to everyone. Whatever happens to you look t it as a challenge, a new challenge you can overcome with a smile. Look at it as an opportunity to grow and not to have another burden in your life.

30 Days Law of Attraction Challenge.- Day 17 and 18

How are you going with the challenge? I had two very emotional days, but I continue with my visualization and affirmations.

I have also decided to listen to some affirmations in my mp3 player as I go to sleep and as I wake up. I have done this for the last two days.

I feel really encouraged to stop and smell the roses. Until now I was living always in a rush, rushing my children, and not really stopping to look around. So I will add this to my daily life.

I continue to do my visualization twice a day, and also I am reading still Susan Jeffer’s book.

Here is my 30 Day law of Attraction Challenge Gratitude list
– My eyesight
– A great audio that inspired me
– Change in the weather
– The power in me
– Power of my thoughts
– My mechanic that fixed my car quickly and cheaply
– My water facilities
– Healthy food
– I got a book from the library I had reserved
– Silence.

Please share how is your challenge going. If you have missed some days, do not worry. This is not a competition. There are days that I have done it better than others. Just jump in wherever you are. There is no right or wrong way of doing it. It is only your way.

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How is your law of attraction challenge going? Remember it does not need to be perfect, (mine is definitely not perfect), and you can
always join in the 30 day Law of Attraction Challenge

You can read more about my challenge journey.


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