Law of Attraction 30 Day Challenge Update – Day 30

The law of Attraction 30 day challenge ha come to an end, but this is also the beginning of a new you.

My apologies for posting a bit later.

I sincerely hope you have  enjoyed the challenge, you will  stick with it, and that you will continue doing the challenge every day, for the rest of your life…

I will certainly do it, but before you continue I want to share a video I came across, on how this person found the love of her life.

After watching this video, it is really worth watching, I realized I am not specifically enough on what I want. I never was.

Not even when I chose a partner. I never really sat down to write what I wanted because I was not sure of what I wanted.

Same here as I mentioned in one of my previous posts I have a problem deciding. And I realize that we need to decide. Be very specific on what you want, and expect to get it. Now thinking back and as I related in some stories I told you, when I was sure of what I wanted and I was specific, then I got it.

If you watched the video you saw that she was very specific. She had a whole system that will rate a person, with points and everything. If they did not meet the pass rate, then she was not interested. ‘

Although in her journey she got discouraged, she continued searching. She did not settled for anything/ I mean sometimes life handles us other things, but we must decide if we want to settle for something that we had not planned for or if we want to stil get what we originally planned.

Pleas note that it is 100% correct to change your mind. If you are happy to settle with something you had not planned that is okay. But if not, never lose faith that you are creating what you want. Never lose faith that things can change , even if that seems impossible now.

She did not lose faith and she found what she was looking for. But did you notice that she was focusing all time tie on what she wanted. She did that long list of what she wanted, she prepared a whole algorithm, she experimented pretending being a man.

I believe that she created this person. She created the possibility of meeting this person. This is incredible.

So now go out there and take your time. Take a whole day, a whole week to think what you want specifically.

  • Be specific
  • Write your goals down in detail
  • Add emotions
  • Believe you will get it.
  • Never give up (although you can change your mind at any moment and change your goal.
  • Go and get tem!
This is the beginning of the challenge. Read about the 30 day Law of Attraction challenge.  
I am taking my time to set my goals, in a huge list. I will come back to you, but in the meantime you can read Setting goals for 2013.
I am also starting a 30 day meditation challenge on the 2nd of January. Besides the visualization, I ask that you meditate for 10 minutes a day, just breathing and meditation. Just listen to some meditation music whilst you breath in and out. I will keep you updated.
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