Law of Attraction: 30 Day Challenge

LOA 30 day challengeFrom time to time is good to set ourselves some challenges in life. It gets our juices going and motivates us to achieve more

Today I was listening to an audio about the law of attraction from one of my mentors, and I realized that I have been a bit slack with regards to my daily routine of law of attraction. I write morning pages every day, but I have not been doing meditations and visualizations every day, or even affirmations.

So I decided that now we almost at the end of the year and the beginning of a new year, and what better time than setting us a challenge.

I am starting a 30 day law of attraction challenge.

Steps to Apply the Law of Attraction

Today I was listening to my mentor and she said that to get the law of attraction working for you, you need to do some things:

1. You need to make a decision of what you want to manifest. Concentrate  just on one thing,  So if you want to lose weight, then how much weight, if you want to make more money, then how much money you want to make per month. Be specific. Make a decision of what you want to achieve.

2. Setting your intention.  Your decision is mental, but your intention involves your whole person, involves, your body, mind and spirit, so set your desired intention with your whole body, and your whole soul.  You have no option than to succeed.

3. Finding support, mentor or coach. Finding support is finding someone to learn from. That person does not need to be a live person, it can be a book, an audio, or even a blog, but someone that has already been in your shoes and that is walking the talk.

4. Immerse yourself: Like if you want to manifest something immerse yourself in how to do it, like using affirmations, or tapping, or visualizations. Apply anything that you can from the Law of attraction.

5. Apply it, Think positively, say your daily affirmations, visualize daily and most importantly believe that you will get what you intent.

6. Use feelings and emotions : One of the most important points is to use emotions and feelings. Say you want to lose weight, can you feel yourself proud of your new body, can you feel the emotion of wearing those beautiful clothes and everyone watching you. Or if you want more money, can you feel the relief of having enough money to pay your debts and more, can you feel the excitement of getting your new car, can you feel the wind on your face, can you smell the leather seats? Can you feel the sand between your toes when you go on Holiday to your favorite beach, or ca you feel the rain drizzling on you as you walk though the streets of Paris. You need to feel this every single day, several times a day.

7. Do not give up: Even if things do not look good, do not give up and continue doing the things you need to do. Most importantly have faith. See yourself as if you already have what you want and be grateful for having it.

8. Being grateful: Be grateful every day for what you have,

30 day LOA Challenge

So my challenge is for you to do the following every day for the next 30 days. Who knows after 30 days you might be so fired up that you would continue.

Things to do before the challenge starts on the 28th of November 2012

1- Between now and the 28th of November, when the challenge will start, decide on something you want to manifest, big or small. You might not manifest it within 30 days, but you will start the process.

2- Set your intention. Know that you really want to achieve this and that there is no turning back

During the challenge starting on the 28th of November 2012

1- Find your support. For this during the challenge I would suggest that you read a motivational book for at least 15 minutes a day or that you listen to an audio. But you need to do it every day.

2- Set yourself one affirmation or affirmation per day, that you would repeat the whole day Keep it written in your wallet, on your computer, on the mirror and repeat it every day. You can use the same affirmation throughout the 30 days or change it every day. .

3- Visualize everyday, for at least 15 minutes. See yourself a having achieved what you have set to achieve. Feel yourself like if you had already achieved it. Imagine yourself with the extra money and the new car. Feel it, sense, it, hear it. Do all this during your visualization, and also whenever you are thinking.

4- Keep positive . Whenever a negative thought come to your mind, discard it. Replace it with your thought of the visualization you have created. Remind yourself that you are taking small steps towards your goal. Be grateful for already having what you want.

Gratitude5- . Every night before going to sleep be thankful for 5 things. They can be simple things like a hug or a kiss, the wind on your face, the 15 minutes silence, or that you have a bed where to sleep. Write 5 new things you are grateful for every day. Do not repeat the same things from the previous day. So every day you need to find 5 new things you are grateful for.

6- Report in my blog if you wish so.


So for 30 days we will be doing this and you can report here with as much or little detail as you want. I will be blogging about it. You can blog also if you want.
How much and how little you do is up to you, but remember that you are the only person responsible for your life, and that you can only answer to yourself.


It really should not take you more than 45 minutes a day. So that is to read a motivational book (if you listen to an audio you can do it whilst commuting), 16 minutes to visualize (if you can do it twice a day the better, but once is good), 5 minutes to do the gratitude, and 5 minutes to report in my blog.

If you miss a day, and it can happen, do not worry, just pick up wherever you are.

Are you ready to start 2013 in a positive mood?

Are you ready for this challenge? We are starting on the 28th of November so that we can finish by the 28th of December. Well when I say finish the challenge may be finished, but it is my intention that you have the push to continue with it until you manifest what you wanted, and then you can manifest something else.

What do you think f this challenge? Is this too much to take on? Perhaps, but I challenge you to do this and change your life.

Even if you do just one thing, like the gratitude journal, your life will not be the same in 30 days.

I would love to hear from you.

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12 Responses to Law of Attraction: 30 Day Challenge

  1. Brenda says:

    I just came across this challenge and I’d like to start it:
    What I want to manifest is a strong, trim figure. I feel strong and confident, 5+ pounds lighter by December 28th, I wear beautiful clothes and get admiring stares. The scale reads 145 or less. I look good in skinny jeans. I notice that menopausal symptoms are gone.

    Will look for mentor/motivational book by tomorrow.

    (Thanks for starting this Challenge!)

  2. Rose says:

    Your challenge is a wonderful and powerful idea. We create so much of our circumstances!

  3. Joe says:

    Hi Andrea, this is a great site and great page. My name is Joe and I have created an eBook which documents my experience through this 30 day process. If you or anybody is interested in reading about my experience my eBook is on the Amazon/kindle store. It is called '30 Days of Happiness'. Please give it a look and see what you think 🙂

  4. Rahul says:

    Hi Andrea,

    I have read about LOA long time back and needed guidance to put it to action.I liked your page and have set myself a target for the next 30 days.

    Hope I stay committed.

  5. Brenda says:

    I might give this a run…seems to whay I need. 

  6. Arun says:

    Thanks A LOt AnDrea……………


    I Was Accept Your ChallenGe…………………

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