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This video gives us some law of attraction tips. The law really works if we apply it correctly. There is proof on this video. The lady asked the Universe for $30000 and she acted as if she got them. She even went shopping without having the money. She raised her vibration by being happy and assuming she would get what she wanted and she got it. She also requested that none had to go into pain for her to get this sum of money. She did not want anybody to die for her to get the money. Suddenly a friend of her who she has not seen for a long time came to see her and told her he had won the lottery and gave her the money. Incredible but real.

According to Abraham Hicks anything we want is out there waiting for us. We only need to raise our vibrations to match what we want and it will be there for us that and anything else we wanted. The lady could have asked for more than 30000 and she would have gotten it.

One of the law of attraction tips I get from here is to open the vortex Abraham says you can just ask the Universe: Universe I would like this please and bring me anytime that you see it fit” but meantime you need to keep yourself happy so that your vibrations are in alignment.

Everything you want is already in a warehouse and you would get it if you start trusting that good things will come to you. These are good things that you have been collecting through out your life. The Universe knows the best timing for everything and as long as you are ready you will get what you have been asking.

In any moment there are no less than 20 probabilities close to you that are waiting to give you what you want. So keep feeling good, use your dreams to keep feeling good with it. The things will show to you in ways that you have never imagined.

Have you had any experience like this? I did many times, not recently but many times when I wanted something like a job or moving to a country or extended leave I got it, even though everyone around me thought it was impossible. Please share your experience below. If you do not have any then maybe is time to punt into practice some of these law of attraction tips.

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  1. Heather says:

    My husband and I both utilize the LoA in our daily lives rather successfully, but I thought I would share one particularly incredible (only in our perception of how “impossible” it seemed) recent manifestation of his. It’s certainly served as that one manifestation that erases all sense of doubt in both yourself as a creator and the Universe as the wonderful thing it is.

    My husband is in the U.S. Army and is currently stationed in Afghanistan. While he certainly wanted to be there, his team leader was making things rather unpleasant for him. Knowing how the LoA works, I suggested to him that he look for ANY quality at all that he could honestly like about his team leader. In this case, I/we finally settled on the fact that he loves his daughter, so my husband focused on his TL being a loving and caring individual.

    He intended to give it his best effort, but admittedly felt it was an impossible task and that the only way things would be better is if he would get transferred to an entirely different team altogether with his friends. I didn’t vocalize it, but I was inclined to agree. Anyone who knows even a little about the Army knows they aren’t exactly accommodating of wishes like my husband’s. However, he still vowed to remain positive and focus on things he could like about his TL. He made sure to meditate each day as well.

    Three days later (I kid you not), I got a phone call from my husband at 4am and he sounded….frantic. I couldn’t figure out if his, “Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God” was in reference to something good or bad! He proceeded to tell me that only 15 minutes prior, his Lt. called and said that things weren’t working out so well for one of the guys on another team and that they were going to switch him and my husband immediately… a team that just-so-happened to have his 2 best friends on it!

    We COULD NOT believe it! Even with 9,000 miles between us, we got to share one of the most profound moments of absolute joy as we reveled in the marvel of the Universe and the unwavering LoA. Neither of us will forget it as long as we live!


    P.S. – This is all TRUE. 🙂

    • Andrea says:


      Thank you very much for sharing such a lovely and encouraging story. It is incredible what happens when we focus on the good. This world has so much good, yet people mostly focus on the bad. I am so happy that it worked for your husband. Keep applying the LOA as it really works. Whatever you want is already there for you. Have a great day.

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