Living Your Dream: First Million at 17

If you think you are too young to be living your dream or perhaps too old, think again. Being successful and living your dream has no barrier. All you need is a firm determination to be living your dream.

Cameron Johnson started his first business at age 9. When he was 8, he wanted to visit New York and stay in one of Donald Trumps hotels, but he wanted to stay in the same suite that some actors stayed. So he wrote a letter to Donald Trump asking for it. Donal did not reply but when they got to New York he had organized this room for Cameron. It was then when he decided to become a businessman and be like Donald Trump.

Cameron started his first business at age 9, printing invitations for his parents friends. Then at age 12 he had made his first $50000 by buying and selling Beanie Babies in eBay. His next venture were two Internet businesses selling ad space. One of them was successful and had over 200000 customers. At age 15 he become a board member of a Japanese company, he wrote a book and by the time he graduated from high school he had made his first million dollar. By the age of 21 he had 12 businesses.

Another incredible story is the one from Ashley Qualls owner of which she started at the age of 14 as a hobby. She does MySpace layout for free and teaches how to build website. She gets an incredible amount of traffic and supports her website via advertisement. Now at 17 she makes an average of $50000 to $70000 a month.

Cameron suggests few tips:

  • put yourself out there.
  • Do not think too much out of the box.
  • Look for ideas close to home.
  • Adapt or die.
  • Read books written by great businessmen and adopt them as mentors.

So this is an inspiration for anyone that wants to succeed. You just need determination and an idea. If there is a will there is a way.

I must add that you also need believe in yourself. Believing that you can do it. I remember when I was a child, we went out for a hile, and we were supposed to meet with someone, but we could not. There was no mobile phones, and nor pagers. I had an idea that there should be a messaging center where you could leave a message. I just thought that was a great idea, but never thought of following it. I was a kid. How could I invent something. Well. Years later the pager was introduced and years later we know the mobile phone came out. Never ever discourage anyone ideas. Every person is capable of coming with a great idea and changing the world.

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