Losing Weight is not So Difficult or Is It?

Losing WeightIf the title grabbed your attention, then you are probably struggling with losing weight. Perhaps the weight has been an issue all your life, like in my case, or perhaps it happens after we hit the 30s or 40s and after you had children. If you are a male, perhaps it happened after you got married, and you came home to a cooked supper every night or to junk food.

The fact of the matter is that with all the media propaganda about the skinny and beautiful models, and all the fashion geared for slim bodies you probably feel YUCK when you go shopping for clothes. If you are like me perhaps you do not even want to get on the scale, but if you do, then you just wonder if the scale really works, because sometimes it shows that you have lost one pound, and the next time it tells you that you have put on2 pounds. So where does that leave you.  You probably feel disheartened and you want to give up on your efforts.

I know how you feel, I have been there, and I am not over yet. So I completely understand. Perhaps you just given up, you do not even bother in dressing nicely because you feel nothing fits nicely. Then you go hoe and do not bother about what you should eat or not, since the weight does not want to go anyway, so why bother.

Then you continue eating and next time you looked in the mirror, or the scale, or you try those pants that you were wearing just last week, they do not fit any longer. So now you say, I have been following my diet strictly, and nothing happens, what is wrong with me? You then are really ready to call it quits. You look yourself in the mirror and say “I am glad as I am whoever likes me fine and if they do not then that is their problem. I will just enjoy my food.”

Well Then I can congratulate you because you have now accepted as you are at this moment, and from now on you will start losing weight. You have let go

But losing weight does not need to be hard, when we eat the right food and the right quantity of food. The fact of the matter is that the word diet for our mind is synonym of starvation.  If we starve our bodies, our clever bodies will hang on the fat that we have, and we will not lose anything.


Losing Weight the Easy Way

Healthy SaladThe answer might be for you in a lifestyle change.  I am talking about the Raw Food lifestyle. You are probably thinking, RAW food. What am I supposed to eat all day, just carrots like a bunny? Well I am not a bunny, but perhaps bunnies are not the only ones that eat carrots, or perhaps you can open your mind a bit and realize that there are plenty more things to eat than just carrots in the vegetable world.

I first came across the raw food when I was pregnant with my son. I brushed it off, because like you I was not very vegetable friendly.  I thought I could not eat things raw. But then when I started this website a little over a year I got interested in al the healing properties of natural food, and I really got into the raw lifestyle.

Well to be honest, it took me a while and I am still not 100% raw, but I am 99%vegan. I say 99% because sometimes on social occasions I get tempted and pressurized to eat what is not vegan.

I am not 100% raw, but I am 100% fat free. When I mean fat free I mean no oil, no creams, no mayonnaise, nothing that is man made. I am only eating fresh fruits and vegetables, cooked potatoes and brown rice. I got this diet from Frederic Patenaude blog. Frederic has been raw since the late 90’s and he has lots of information and lots of delicious raw recipes. He was telling us how he convinced his mom to start the no fat diet and how she was losing weight.

So after a whole year of eating raw food on and off, I have decided it was time for me to try the low fat vegan diet. With Low fat in this case I mean no fat at all, at leasr until I achieve the weight desire.

It is said that fat is good for you and your brain needs fat, since a percentage of your brain is fat. The fact of the matter is that I got plenty of fat in my body for my brain to use and I am happy for my body to make use of all my fat. Once I have lost weight then I will be incorporating healthy fats in my diet (avocados).

So, you may be wondering what I am eating in this low fat diet and I probably starve and eat all tasteless and dried vegetables. Well I am happy to tell you that I am so enjoying my diet, and I can tell you a little secret, I am eating more than enough. I am not here counting my calories and probably eat 2000 or more calories a day.


Losing Weight without starving

So this is what my meals consist of:

Before breakfast I go for a half an hour run, and then I am not really hungry but I still have a smoothie. I do my smoothie with frozen bananas, berries, an orange or pear, and some baby spinach.  Even my son loves the smoothie, although he has it without spinach. Do not be scared you do not even taste the spinach, but your smoothie turns a bit green.

For lunch, I sometimes have a huge salad. When I mean, huge, I mean huge. Yes that salad in the photo is my salad. I just toss what I find in the fridge, lettuce, Bok choy, green onions, bell peppers, cucumbers, celery, parsley which gives it a lovely smell, and lots of tomato. For me the salad must have tomatoes. So how do I eat a salad without oil, well, the tomato makes the salad juicy enough, I do not need any salad dressing. But if I am not in a hurry sometimes I prepare my own salad dressing, which is natural and delicious, perhaps some tomato and cucumber blended, or some tomato and mango blended, and make the salad tasty and juicy. But as said, with the amount of tomatoes I put in the salad (from 5 to 10) I do not even need salad dressing.

Do not fool yourself; this salad leaves me full for a couple of hours.

Then in the afternoon if I am at the house and I feel like eating something I will eat baked potatoes. I love baked potatoes. I must admit that I cook the potatoes in the microwave. Yes, I know not as healthy as I would like it to be, but they taste delicious.   If I overcook the potatoes, they get crunchy and delicious.

For supper I will have some more potatoes. I love them, just plain potatoes no butter, sauce, or cottage cheese. Sometimes I can eat from 6 to 10 potatoes. Perhaps that is why I do not lose weight quickly. But did you know? Potatoes do not make you fat; it is the toppings that make you fat. In fact Chris Voigt ate 20 potatoes a day for 60 days and he lost almost20 pounds, weight and he lowered his cholesterol and blood glucose. So potatoes are healthy and you should not be scared f eating them.

If I do not have potatoes then I will eat some brown rice, with steamed vegetables or raw vegetables. And when I feel in the mood of a treat then I prepare one of this delicious low fat vegan meals.

Tell you what that huge salad makes me urinate without even drinking water. I eat enough, and do not have cravings for all the unhealthy goodies like chocolate, coffee or tea.

Well this post is long enough, so I will continue my story in another post. But as you can see losing weight is not so difficult and can be fun. Please share below in the comments section your struggles and.or victories about losing weight.




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