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Tapping for money is a free video mini-course that Margaret Lynch is offering. The course will help you to clear the subconscious blockages that may hinder the flow of money in your life.

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If you came to this page, chances are you are looking for more money in your life because you fee that your income is not enough. You are probably working hard, or looking for opportunities hard, or for a job, but that has not manifested in your life. According to Margaret Lynch then you may have a blockage that can be overcome with some tapping.Tapping is a technique, also known as EFT or Emotional Freedom technique that taps on the acupuncture points releasing the energy that blocks what you want to achieve in life. Tapping is also used to release fear, anxiety, physical and emotional pain.Margaret Lynch is an expert in EFT, specially when it comes to manifesting money
If  you are thinking that tapping for money seems related to the law of attraction, well you are right. Tapping works with energy, and the law of attraction does the same too. remember we are all energy, and our thoughts are energy as well. So by tapping we release the blockages that we may have with regards to money.What is a blockage? Maybe you think you do not have blockages as you really want more money into your life. Blockages as subconscious, and you may not realise you have them. But if you go back in time and remember your childhood, and how your parents treated money, you may realized that they had limiting beliefs about money, scarcity thoughts about money, like “money does not grow on trees”, “you need to  work hard for money”, “people that have money are not nice”. Those thoughts are now in your subconscious mind and when you want to create more money these thoughts hinder your progress.

What Margaret Lynch will teach us in the Tapping for money video mini-course is how to tap so that those blockages are lifted up, you release al the negative energy and you create positive energy that will allow you to manifest what you want. The course is free, so I think you should really take advantage of the course, but I really advise you to follow-up on it, as you need to do the tapping and exercises that she tells you. I am following on it, and I have found it very uplifting and after each tapping I feel more energized and feel much better.You can hear more about Margaret Lynch in this video.

Gary Craig was the originator of Emotional Freedom Technique. Tapping is a technique used to tap n the acupuncture points. It can be used to release anxiety, fear, physical pain, emotional pain, attract abundance, money, or anything that you may desire. It is simple ad easy to learn.

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