Mind Power – Boost your mind in 5 minutes

Update APril 2015: Unfortunately the video is no longer available.

David Riklan talks about the mind power, and how to boost it with 7 simple steps.

He says that mind power is the creative energy that makes it all happen, we can create anything, including being happier.
The easiest way to get result is to concentrate your mind in what you want and visualize what you want.

David gives us 7 secrets to increase mind power and to increase the ability to focus and concentrate. These are the secrets.

1. Proper nutrition: he says that fish is great food for the brain because of the essential fatty acids. He also suggests a regular regimen of antioxidant like vitamin C, B, E and A plus some zinc and mineral and vitamin B6.

2. Increase oxygen to the brain: This can be achieved by using herbs like Ginkgo Biloba or by inverting your body brain positioning. He suggests that by lying with the back on the floor and resting your legs on a chair you will be able to increase the oxygen flow to your brain.

3 – Avoid harmful substances, excessive abuse like alcohol or drugs, can kill brain cells.

4 – Learn to relax: in any stressful situation relax. By relaxing you are increasing the ability to think.

5 –Challenge yourself by stimulating the mind, the more you push the mind the stronger it will become. Do puzzles, crosswords, and mathematical puzzles. Etc.

6 – Learn to believe in yourself: Build your self confidence by your successes and taking responsibility for your actions. When people feel they have control over their lives the brain chemistry improves

7 – Learn to concentrate and focus: The best test of the mind power is the ability to concentrate and focus on something. Most people can concentrate for 3 minutes. David suggests we use a box of matches and align them al up side by side. Think only about matches. If you deviate you need to stat all over again. If you do a mistake you need to start all over again. By practising this daily you will increase the ability to concentrate and focus. The more you do it the better your mind power will become.


To attract what we want in our life we need to decide exactly what we want, and then concentrate and focus on it. Visualize it in our minds. The more we concentrate and focus on something without deviation the quicker the mind will manifest it.

What steps will you start implementing today?

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